7 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC to Run iOS Apps 2017

ReSRC is back with another interesting article on Best iOS Emulators for Windows Users. People who are using Windows must have tried to Run iOS Apps on Windows but unable to do. So the below 7 iOS Emulators for Windows will help you to run iOS Apps.

There are many iOS apps that are interesting and great to play, however, if you don’t have iPhone or any other Apple product, there is no way to even think about it. That is not true because today there are different iPhone Emulators that will give you the possibility to play and use iOS apps on your PC or Lap Top.

This is one of the most popular topics because we all know that iOS apps are made with the highest quality because it is difficult to be approved by them, however, one downfall is because they limited their own apps just for devices that are made by them.

What is iOS emulator?

What is iOS emulator

The iOS emulator for PC users is a program that allows you to run apps on iOS and Android without using the phone with that system, by simulating the cell phone device. There is much software that you can use in order to play your favorite iOS apps on your PC without any need for a phone. They are very helpful because you can play them on your computer and they are easy to use.

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Best iOS Emulators for Windows Users to Run iOS Apps

There are many iOS emulators for Windows Users that are specifically made to allow Windows users to play iOS apps. We are here to give you list of five iOS emulators that will give you this particular possibility. However, there are different types of emulators, and some of them don’t function as we would like, and the other ones are best for your personal use.  We present you 7 best iOS emulators to run the iOS apps on Windows.

1. Appetize.Io

This particular iOS emulator for PC is great because it based on cloud and you don’t have the possibility to download it directly on your PC. It is another version of the popular utility called which had problems with copyright and that is the reason it got closed. You can use it for free for one hundred minutes per month, and afterward, you will be charged $0.05 per minute, which is not much if you have in mind what you are going to get with it.

In order to use it, the idea is to upload .ipa file and to enter your own personal e-mail address. You will get the link for downloading in your inbox soon afterward and after you click on it just wait for the app to turn on and you are ready to enjoy.

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2. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio

This particular emulator is considered as one of the best iOS emulators for Windows users because you can run whichever app that you want on your PC with only just a few clicks. It will also give you the possibility to run iOS and Android apps by using it. All apps are based on HTML5, so you will be able to use it on every device possible. However, it is not free, but you will be able to use it for 15 days without pay as a trial version.

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3. iPadian iPhone Emulator

iPadian iPhone Emulator

This particular iPhone emulator for Windows users is great because you can download it without any problem and it is specifically made for Windows users. It comes in two different versions; one of them is $10 and you can run any app that you would like which is not clearly available in free version. If you have $10, it is recommended to pay because it will give you the possibility that you haven’t imagined. It will bead-free and you will get all additional features so that your simulation would be great. There is also a possibility to choose free version, which is also great and you will have no issues, however, it contains ads and not all apps are available.

If you want to install and run iPadian iPhone Emulator you should follow these steps:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to install this program by finding it online.
  • Installation is simple, just click Next and agree on the last page. After the installation, you are ready to proceed to the next step.
  • Double-click on desktop icon of the iPadian emulator.

When the interface loads you should click on store and download apps that you wish to play and the rest is history.

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4. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone is great iOS emulator for Windows 7 that you can use for every system that is available on the market, even the old versions. You can run apps on your PC with only a few steps of installation. If you are a fan of some iOS apps that are not available on other systems, you can choose this great app that will give you a completely new perspective of emulator abilities. Even if you are an iOS developer, this particular app could come in handy because you will be able to try your own app for free.

Installation guide:

  • Download Air iPhone Emulator
  • Double click and during the installation follow all instructions that you need in order to finish installation
  • When it is finished, just click on the desktop shortcut, download apps and enjoy.

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5. Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight

This great iOS emulator for Windows download is great because it contains developer support and you will be able to test your new apps in order to find out all glitches and problems that could occur before you try to release it. It is not free, however, it is not too expensive and you will get everything that you ever wanted if you choose to buy the premium version.

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6. Smartface

smartface emulator

It is developing IOS gives you latest features to plugin and use as well as extend IOS Apps. It works best for windows, it is a bit tricky to use because of the limitation of some cross-platform technologies. You can emulate your work without IOS app, after downloading this app connect your iPhone device to your system.

You must have iTunes before installing this app into your software. double click on the application software, it transforms your file within few seconds it works really great without harming your Android version, you can use it as well on your Windows as an alternative to this. It works for both Windows as well as Android and IOS debugger.

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Starting with the last emulator, if you are looking for IOS emulator you must try this, this does not require any application download you can convert it with the help of APP.IO and you have to install IOS app bundle into this APP.IO. This site also works with the .apk file that is it also works with Android applications.

It makes you feel the working on IOS, you can share your apps with your team members as well, it works with Windows 8 and its later, Linux and Mac as well. It is a payable app which comes with the 7-day trial.

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With many different apps made for iPhones that are not available on other devices, you can choose another way such as using best iOS emulators for PC because it will provide you with amazing features and it is very easy to use, you just have to choose which one is the most suitable for you. However, the effect is the same. 

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