Top 10 Best Sites to Read Manga Online for Free

If you are searching for a website to read your favourite Manga online free, you are not alone. There are countless people who are exploring the internet for the same purpose. These famous Japanese comic books are not only famous in Japan but, they are sought after worldwide.

What is Manga Comics?

Manga is one of most popular Japanese comics. They are written as Japanese animation. It is also known as anime. All age types of people in Japan read manga free. It includes genres in the range of action-adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy, sexuality, sports and games, and suspense.

Types of Manga:

There are 5 types of manga for men, women, and children.

  • Seinen – men’s manga
  • Josei – women’s manga
  • Shôjo – – girl’s manga
  • Shônen – boy’s manga
  • Kodomo – children’s manga

Read Manga Online Free in English & Japanese – Manga Websites

You might wonder why to look for a Manga websites when you can always buy the comic books from stores after all. However, many find it too much of a hassle to buy Manga in the market. This is why many readers look for online manga comics to read. Given below is a list of free manga websites which can help you to read manga online for free.

1. Mangaonlinehere



There is a reason to start off with this website because it is one of the most brilliant websites which the Manga lovers will love to explore. This is a simple site which comes with the user-friendly interface. The best thing about this website is the fact that no popup ad will bother you while exploring the comics. However, there are some sponsored ads which can come your way. But, you can ignore them if you like and once you know how to ignore them you will fall in love with the website.

The website has made the process of reading really easy. You just have to click on the desired comic for the purpose of reading. Visit Site

2. Otakusmash



If you want an organized website to read your Manga online, you will love this website. This is an organized website which offers user-friendly interface. These comics are divided into 50 Manga which will help you sort out the comics. You have the luxury to select comics through categories. You can also search for comics by using the search bar which is available for the readers to go for an easy search. Visit Site

3. Mangapark



Manga park is the website which is cherished because of the database that the website offers. You can be sure that you will find your favourite comic book here. The website has put the user experience first and thus they offer a genre section which makes searching for the comic books even easier. You will find genres broken down to drama and comedy. Additionally, there are sections like tragedy and cooking. Visit Site

4. Mangakakalot



Here you will be delighted to find a huge number of comic books to choose from. In case you are puzzled and want to know which comic book to read, this is the sure try. Here you will get a huge database which covers almost every genre and category. You will get suggestions through tabs and that will make it easy for you to read magazines. You will find search bar which will help you search for your favourite comics. Visit Site

5. Tenmanga



Ten manga is another website which can be a good choice when you are trying to find your favourite Manga comics. Using the search bar of the website, you will be able to find the comics and also be able to read them. Using the website is easy and the website works sliders. You can read the comic books through page flipping option. Visit Site

6. – Read Comics Online



If you compare this one with the previous websites on the list, you would be slightly taken aback as this website does not offer the organized approach which the other ones do. However, this one has got a large range of comic books which the readers will find delightful. There is one advantage of using this website. Bato offers some licensed comic titles which other websites don’t offer. This is one of the reasons, why this website is picked and placed on this list. Visit Site

7. Mangafreak



This website offers an endless option of Manga comics. The website makes finding the comics an easy job. It comes with fully equipped categories and search bars. If you really love to read this is the site to explore. You would have to explore the website search through the options that are given and then choose a comic book to read. It is easy to pick up a chapter and read it. There is only one problem which you might face while using this website. There are too many pop ads which keep coming when the readers are using the website. Visit Site

8. Zingbox – Manga Reader App



Zingbox is a favourite website which many Manga fans use to read their favourite comics. This is a website which offers an organized interface. The android users will find this website a great choice for comic reading as this one comes in the form of an app as well. This option gives the comic readers the luxury of reading comics on the go. You will not find any popup ad here and that will make this website a delight to use for reading purpose. Visit Site

9. Kissmanga



This website offers a large selection of the comics for the readers. The website can be navigated easily. The latest update tabs help the readers to stay in touch with the new releases. The readers have the option of searching the Manga comics and reading them online. You can even watch anime online here on this site. Therefore, you will have the option of watching Manga if you like that. This website also has got a forum for the readers which you can check for more information. Here you can request for comics or chapters that are unavailable. Visit Site

10. Taadd



Thousands of comics to select and easy to navigate, this is the website which any Magna fan will fall in love with. This is a great site to read comics as reading is easy here. The readers can select comics based on the most viewed options. Also, they can pick comics alphabetically. Here you get to select comics, select a chapter and just sit back to read. Yes, it is that easy. Visit Site

There are other websites which can help you find Manga comics. You will have to spend some time to find the right website if you don’t find your desired comic in the given list. However, the list which is featured here includes huge database and the chances are low that you will not find your comic book from the list. 

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