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What Are The Best Twitter Username Generator 2018?

In this fast-paced age where everyone uses the internet and social media accounts like Twitter, its difficult to find the desired username. Twitter helps you promoting your name whether it’s for personal or usage. Picking up a right username can get you several benefits. As a result, users always put efforts in finding the perfect username but guess what you are not alone in the queue of searching that absolute gem. So sometimes it gets a lot frustrating to find the desired username.

Best Twitter Username Generators 2018

So today I bring you ten tools that help you to generate best usernames ever for twitter. You can try all of them and just stick to those who seem perfect to you. Get any types of username from funny to professional, these tools are always useful.

Top 10 Twitter Username Generator Tools

#1 Twitter name generator

Twitter Name Generator

When it comes to getting good twitter names for usernames the site does wonders. It is famous for having a clear interface that anyone without getting lost can fill up the username generator form and get a Twitter username. There are some simple fields that you need to fill in such as your name, surname, nickname, your favorite word and number, and what are you like.

Once you are done following all these fields, just click the generate button and let it do its work. So visiting a site just once you can have a clear idea of username generator tools.

#2 Best username generator

Username Generator Cool Funny Cute Good Username Generator

Another simple username generator that comes very simple to use. Just follow the link here and it directs you to the official page generating username. There you see a field where you need to put your name or thing as you want in your username and select the length of characters. You are done, now just click on generate and it will present you several suggestions regarding that name or thing in respect of the length you chose. There are a few ads though but the speedy process really makes it worth visiting. So to get hundreds of username matching with your choice can be found here.

#3 Screen name generator

Screen Name Generator Generate Cool Screen Names

A perfect tool that is recognized as the popular and efficient twitter username generator. The cleanliness of the website always motivates you to try getting your username here. Also you are not limited to any number of searches you can make as much as you want. You just need to put the Prefix and Suffix of the username that you want and click on the Generate Screen Names. There will be a long list of usernames matching your preference and to get more creative usernames just practice the tool. The more ideas you put here in the fields the more creative username you get.

#4 Jimpix

Username Generator Cool unique usernames

Jimpix is another great place to get your desired usernames and use them on any website like Twitter. The website is an excellent source to get good twitter names. You just need to fill two fields named as entering name and Category. In the name section, put your desired name or username and choose one category from brands, countries, creatures, emotions, etc. whatever suits your username. Once you hit that Go button you will be able to see many usernames with that name and category you selected. So it’s total fun to search usernames here if you are not able to search anywhere else.

#5 SpinXO

Username Generator Cool Catchy Name Ideas Nicknames Gamertags

SpinXo really seems the best username generator tool as it offers usernames for all the major social sites such as Instagram, Youtube, and Tumblr other than Twitter. So whatever your desired social media site is you can always visit here and make thousands of searches until you find that one special username. The site asks you to fill up six fields in total and then give you fantastic results. These fields are Name or nickname, what are you like, Hobbies, Things you like, important words, and numbers of your choice. Once you are done filling all these fields and click Spin button you will surely get that unique and elegant username.

#6 Fantasy name generator

The tool Fantasy name generator is not just only for sites like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. but it also generates usernames for games websites. So being an admin of any gaming website this tool comes really handy and useful or you can just use it for common social media platforms. The website has funny usernames for gamers. The website is really well-built plus the interface offers a clean experience to all the users. New users don’t have to freak out because it is a simple process to generate the username there. Just select the category or name of the game and it directs you to the specific webpage.

#7 Rum and monkey

An exciting platform for unique usernames that is well-known for getting funny and cool usernames. Other than using it for Twitter users also can search it for several categories of usernames. Just visit the website through the link given ad in the top bar, click Names. You will be directed to the username generator page where you can select from Korean, Thai, Greek, Emotion, and many other username categories. This way the website stays always fresh and updated with thousands of usernames in every single category.

#8 Speedy Password

Just get to the link and you will be there to the username generator. Just like its name, it’s a rapid process of generating usernames. And not just usernames but the site also offers a generation of passwords, unique passwords that no one can think about or hack. So this has some really cool stuff where you get unique username and password. There are just a few fields for both username and password. For username, fill up fields like username style, nickname, last name (optional), and year of birth which is optional too. The username style filed is really cool where you can go for positive, negative, heroes and other styles of usernames.

#9 Username generator

The site seems like an all in one solution where you can choose from different categories like cool usernames, good, funny, cute, and even username ideas. There are several subcategories too in each category so if you visit this website you can’t go back without taking your favorite username. You can generate thousands of usernames picking up any subcategory, and there are usernames for several social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, Twitter, and much more. Also from filling is quick where you just put your name and length of username and you are done.

#10 Name generator 2

A really simple interface Name generator 2 features. You can just browse the link to get the username page directly and there go the right panel. There you can select from twitter username, YouTube username, and surname generator. And the site offers usernames for gaming websites too where you can pick up kingdom name generator, town name, city name or country name generator. Click on any category, put the prefix and suffix and click on generator names. So it’s a pretty simple process to get a wide array of usernames.


Here all these ten sites for the twitter username generator are going to help you a lot with their tidy interface and quick process to display the names. Just fill up your choices, and there will be hundreds of fresh, funny, professional, and other categories of usernames on the screen.

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