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10 Sites to Convert PDF to PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint presentations became standard in the business world and many people use it in order to present his idea. Sometimes, we find everything we need on PDF file and still we have to manually input all information from it, because it is impossible to copy anything from PDF, which is its purpose, after all.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint Online

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There is another and a much easier way to import everything from PDF document to PowerPoint presentations, and you don’t have to download and install programs that will take you too much time for conversion. There are many sites in which you can without registration upload your own PDF file and convert it into PowerPoint in a matter of seconds. We present you 10 sites to convert PDF to PowerPoint Online.

1. Free Convert PDF to PPT

This is another website that will provide you converting services from PDF to PPT without any problem. You just have to upload it and soon afterwards you should click Upload and then Download and that is it. However, you have to understand that the size limit is 10 MB, so you have to choose PDF files that won’t extend that size.

2. Convert PDF to PowerPoint

This is a free website that allows you to convert PDF into numerous formats such as DOC, DOCX, RTF and what is important for us to PowerPoint, without endangering the quality of the document. You just have to select a file or enter URL and you will be able to convert it in a matter of seconds. It functions by email address and you will receive in mail attached file that you wanted to convert.

3. Free PDF to PowerPoint Conversion Online

It is very simple to use this site to convert PDF to PowerPoint Online. You just have to follow these three steps. The first one is to choose the file that you want to convert and as soon as you do you have to enter your email ID. The next step is to download it from the attachment and the PowerPoint file will be you’re in a matter of minutes.

4. PowerPoint Converter

This particular website provides you with numerous format conversions and it also gives you the possibility to modify and to change the format of PDF in whatever document format you wish and also PowerPoint format. After you click the Browse button you will get the window where you will be able to select file that you want to convert and you can also input URL from some online drive that you have such as

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This particular website contains very simple interface and it is user-friendly because it will give you the possibility to convert all formats one into another. You just have to browse or drag PDF file and to upload it, however, that process will start automatically and as soon as it finished, you can click download and use it in a matter of minutes. You can also save it directly on online storage that you have.

6. PDF to PPT Converter

If you want to use this particular PDF converter, you will have to input your personal email ID and upload the file that you want to convert. Steps are simple and they are the same as any other similar site, you just have to upload PDF file and enter your email ID. As soon as it is finished, you will receive mail with the converted file as an attachment.

7. Cometdocs

This particular file manager is a great utility that will help you convert any file you want in a matter of seconds. There are numerous formats that you can convert, however, for us, it is important to say something about PDF to PowerPoint converting. The process is the same as all other sites, however, you have to enter your email ID in order to finish it. After everything, you will receive mail with the link to the converted file.

8. Convert PDF to PowerPoint Free Online

With this PDF to PowerPoint conversion site, you will get the possibility to convert and download these formats in a matter of two simple steps. The first one is to choose the file and after you find it, just enter your email address and after uploading; you will receive mail where the converted file will be attached. The main downfall is that you have to wait for 30 minutes in order to receive email, but be certain if you have the time it is a great utility.

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9. Convert PDF to PPT

This particular site contains a simple interface that allows you to understand how to do it even if you are the first timer. You just have to follow the same steps that you have read above. The first thing that you have to do is to upload the PDF and afterwards just wait. You don’t have to enter email ID, so it is far too simpler than other similar sites. You will get a high-quality document that won’t interfere with format and design during converting.

10. Online PDF-Converter

This particular site is very easy to understand and use and you don’t have to contain any knowledge about this process, just follow the steps that are in front of you and everything will be easier and efficient. You will be able to convert PDF to PowerPoint formats and you just have to click to upload PDF and to start converting. However, you have to know that there is a limit and you can convert up to 50 pages. After everything is uploaded, you just click Download and it will be saved directly to your computer.


There are numerous reasons why you should choose these 10 sites to convert PDF to PowerPoint online, and the most important one is that you don’t have to annoy and to manually copy type information from secured PDF. Just with few steps, you will be able to achieve PowerPoint presentation that you can edit afterwards in order to make it more efficient and better. It doesn’t matter which one you want to choose because all of them function in a similar way, however, some of them have additional features, so that is the reason we listed them here.

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