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13 Sites to Convert Word to PDF Online

Do you have a question to solve like how to convert Microsoft word to pdf? There are numerous sites that offer you service of converting the MS word document into PDF for free. The reason for converting into PDF is because it is most protected if we compare it to another format for documents. The millions of documents are converted on daily basis and there are different ways to do it.

Convert Word to PDF

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The first choice is to install a desktop program that could convert you these formats offline, however, you don’t have to download the program and then to install it, because it will take too many times, and most of them have premium version only. If you want to convert it without strings attached it is always better to choose online converter site. We present you 13 Online Word to PDF Converter Sites.

1. Smallpdf

This particular website was established by a small team from Switzerland with the ambition to help people convert their documents instantly. It started like a startup with zero investment and soon afterward it was one of the most visited websites on the Internet. Even though PDF software is difficult to use and very complex, the idea of this website is to reduce the difficulty and to give all people possibility to convert without any additional problem. Visit Site

2. ilovepdf

iLovePDF was established in 2010 and since then it became one of the main online converters. The idea is to manage PDF files that are difficult to split, merge and to deal with. The team that established this website was furious about manually splitting and adding pages, so they made software to help people from all over the world to handle their documents without any additional problem in a matter of seconds. Visit Site

3. freepdfconvert

This particular website was established by a Baltsoft Software company that started producing numerous utilities since 1997 and they made numerous converters that are based too in a matter of seconds help people all over the world. Design is very simple and you just have to follow the steps on the screen, which involves uploading word document and in few moments you will get the possibility to download fully operable PDF. Visit Site

4. pdfonline

PDFonline was established by Northrop Grumman Corporation which is considered as one the largest IT Company in the world with various services such as defense electronics, advanced aircraft, space technology and information technology. With more than 125 thousand employees and 25 countries in which they are operating, they have made a converter to PDF that will not compromise the look and design of original word document. What is most important about them is that your document will be protected and deleted as soon as you download your converted file. Visit Site

5. pdf2doc

This particular website was established by few individuals from the Czech Republic and it is very simple to use. You just have to upload your document and in a matter of seconds, you will be able to convert from world to pdf. There will be no watermark or changed design, everything will look exactly the same as Word document that you have uploaded. Visit Site

6. wordtopdf

You will be able to convert your documents online or to download the desktop version that is free for two weeks if you have many different documents that need to be converted. You can convert Microsoft Word to PDF and PDF to any office format, and you will be able to edit the exact document before you start converting it. Visit Site

7. convertonlinefree

The first thing that you have to do if you want to convert Word to PDF free is to enter the site and upload the document that you want to convert. You can change it and edit it in the program before you decide to proceed with converting. After you click the converting in a matter of minutes you will get the button for download and everything will be done in a matter of seconds. Visit Site

8. doc2pdf

Doc2pdf is a website that is developed by LULU software the company that develops powerful and simple software that are available online and desktop version. This particular software is similar to other converters and it functions in the same way. You just have to upload your document and in a matter of seconds, you will be able to free convert word to pdf & download it without any problem. Visit Site


There are numerous ways to convert various formats, however, this is considered as one of the best and most used MS word to a PDF converter online site that will give you the possibility to download your specific format for a small amount of time. Visit Site

10. online2pdf

This particular website was developed by IT enthusiast and expert from Vienna, Austria in 2007. The reason for establishing it was to help people understand how to convert doc to PDF and many more different formats that are available and that you will be able to use. It is a great online tool for your personal needs and it is very simple to use and that is the reason for its outstanding popularity among people from all over the world. Visit Site

11. zamzar

We have all heard about zamzar and its possibilities in converting various formats. The idea is to upload your document and as soon as it gets available you just have to tip your email and in a matter of seconds, you will be able to download it from the attachment in the mail that has been sent to you. It is based in England and you will be able to find all important additional features that it contains during your converting hours. Visit Site


Softonic is portal that is based in Barcelona and it was founded in 1997. The main idea is to find download service that will give you the possibility to download all important files that you need in order to get your PC in great shape. There are numerous features and categories, but we are here interested in a word to PDF online converter that was established by this popular company and it works the similar way as many other converters so you won’t have any additional problem by using it. Visit Site

13. jinapdf

We have searched entire web and this particular converter popped out and after we analyzed it thoroughly we came to an idea to put it on this list because it contains many features similar to these online sites for converting and it is pretty simple and in the same time you don’t have to worry about security, because everything will be deleted as soon as you exit the website. Visit Site


14. docupub

With this document converter, you will be able to convert every single document format into PDF without installation and registration. You just have to manually upload it and wait for the browsing time, and after few seconds you will be able to download it without any strings attached. Visit Site


There are many Word to PDF Online Converter Sites; however, you cannot be certain enough which one is the most secured, because you don’t want to share your information with anyone who could use them against you. These 13 converters have great security protocols and they are at the same time most popular converter sites, so you don’t have to worry because customer reviews are something relevant and according to those statements we have conducted this particular list for you.

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