15 Games Like Clash of Clans for PC, on Steam (2018)

Clash of Clans is a single or multiplayer mobile strategy video game developed and published by Supercell and released in August 2012. It is a fantasy themed clan war based game where players from all over the world can build their own town and community, train their troop and engage in player vs player or clan battles to collect resources like gold and elixir.

Players here can also interact with each other, share and donate troops and also form groups of up to 50 people to take part in combat together. The gameplay includes building storages and mines to keep the collected resources, make walls around the township to safeguard the community from attacks, troops and spells each having their own unique properties and uses.

The gems collected are used as currencies to train the army, upgrade the troops and boost the manufacturing of certain resources. The players can defend their village in the battles using artilleries like canons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Games Like Clash of Clans for PC, on Steam

In this game, players can also take part in friendly matches against opponents and other special events. Players here get to loot the resources of other villages by attacking them and progress by winning battles.

  1. Clash Royale

Clash RoyaleThis is a strategy based freemium mobile tower rush video game developed and published by Supercell and released in January 2016. The gameplay includes defending the tower, strategizing and multiplayer online battles. Each player here starts with three towers and the goal is to destroy the opponent’s central tower while protecting your own. The game contains 12 arenas each having a specific trophy count and players progress by gaining points, earning trophies and completing achievements.

Platforms: iOS, Android

  1. Boom Beach

Boom BeachDeveloped and published by Supercell in November 2013, this again is a freemium multiplayer online real time strategy video game. The player here starts with building a fort on the beach and can progress by attacking enemy bases to loot resources and free the entrapped islanders. The gameplay includes building, training and upgrading troops and collecting resources such as gold, wood and stone. Both single player campaign and multiplayer mode is allowed.

Platforms: iOS, Android

  1. Clash of Kings

Clash of KingsIt is a massively multiplayer online strategy based video game developed and published by Elex Wireless in June 2014. Based on a medieval fantasy world, this game is all about military strategy. The players here have to build their own kingdom, train an army and attack on other provinces in a quest to expand their territory. You can engage in player vs player or multiplayer combats, upgrade defenses from time to time and also use dragons in the battleground.

Platforms: iOS, Android

  1. Battle Dragons

Battle DragonsThis is an online strategy based video game published by Tap Pocket. The players here have to build villages, form their own troops, assign various tasks to the villagers and have the dragons as pets to fight the enemies. Each dragon has specific characteristics and players have to choose accordingly. Progress in the game is based on winning the battles as the strongest and best team wins. The players can also collect and use resources for upgrading.

Platforms: Android

  1. Call of Duties

Call of DutiesIt is a real-time strategy based video game published by Activision in November 2014. The player here is in charge of an outpost and has to build and maintain it in such way to make it impenetrable for enemies. The player also takes command and control of a squad of soldiers and heroes who take the responsibility of safeguarding the outpost and engage in a fierce battle with the enemies. Players can use a variety of combat skills and weapons during the fight.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 10

  1. Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars- CommanderThis again is a freemium strategy video game developed by Disney Interactive and released in August 2014. Here the players have to choose one of the two sides and be loyal to either the Rebellion or the Empire. The basic gameplay constitutes choosing a team, training the troops and armies, building war units and machinery, completing the mission and challenges to gain rewards, battling within the universe of Star wars and also teaming up with friends to form alliances which are helpful in battle.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone

  1. Jungle Heat

Jungle HeatDeveloped by My.com, Jungle Heat is a strategy and action based video game filled with epic battle scenes and military bases in the middle of the jungle. The main objective here is to attack on other camps and claim their resources which include oil fields and gold mines. The environment and scenes in the game are depicted through beautifully enriched graphics. The players have to create their own military camps, train the troops and keep collecting resources to progress.

Platforms: Windows, iOS

  1. Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings- War of ClansThis is a massive multiplayer online strategy game developed by Plarium and released in August 2015. The storyline is set in the world of Vikings where the rule of jungle was that powerful tribes destroy and loot the weaker tribes. Players create and develop their own clans, train troops and upgrade. Each upgrade requires special resources like lumber, iron, food, stone, silver or the game’s gold currency. Players need to defend themselves against the enemy tribes and fend off the attackers while at the same time attack other tribes to gather resources.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web browser

  1. Total Conquest

Total ConquestIt is a real-time military war strategy game developed and published by Gameloft and released in September 18, 2013. The players here have to build and manage their own Roman city. The gameplay includes building a city and defend it with towers and walls, hire and train a troop by selecting one of the 10 different unit types each having unique capabilities. Players here engage in enormous battles and forge an unstoppable region.

Platforms: Android

  1. Castle Clash

Castle ClashIt is a strategy and management based game published by I Got Games and released in November 2014. Here the player has to hire a powerful and strong hero to lead the army which constitutes a variety of characters. The gameplay includes building a fortress, forming an army from different units, collect resources and fight battles against other armies. Players here can also tame and have pets. The players here can challenge other players on the internet anytime.

Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Windows Phone

  1. Dragon Clans

Dragon ClansThis is a mobile strategy game which connects thousands of users online. It was published by Wild Foot Games. The game is based on a fantasy land where the players can tame and control their own dragons. The players here build their own clan, use magic, update troops by collecting resources and fight with other mystical creatures and defeat super bosses to become the ultimate ruler. The game has a wide variety of movement mechanisms.

Platforms: Android

  1. Pocket Fort

Pocket FortIt is a free-to-play military strategy game developed and published by Xin Liu and released on July 23, 2013. It is a casual tower defense game where the player acts as a commander who has to build his fort and train the troops for combat.  Upgradation of the units can be done by using trophies won during battles. The resources include gold and energy and as the fort keeps developing, new features are unlocked. Players can play in single player mode or by creating alliances and 2 difficulty levels of the game are also available to choose.

Platforms: Android, iOS

  1. Clash of Lords

Clash of LordsIt is a real-time strategy game developed and published by I Got Games and released in 2013. This game has a free to all fight where the player selects a hero out of 10 choices and controls it in fighting against enemies. The gameplay consists of two parts where the first part is contributed to building a strong and efficient defense system and second part to battle. Players have to collect resources to protect the town and improve skills.

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

  1. Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s all about Time

Plants vs Zombies 2- It’s all about TimeThis is a free to play tower defense video game developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts in July 2013. The gameplay includes creating an army of different kinds of plants, enrich and charge them with plant food and craft the perfect strategy to protect your house again attacking zombies. The battles take place in 11 different locations and include a lot of mini-games and puzzles. Players have to collect seed packets to improve the skills of plants.

Platforms: Android, iOS

  1. Little Commander WWII TD

Little Commander WWII TDPublished by CAT STUDIO, this is a tower defense online strategy game based on World War II with a cartoon style interface. The player here controls a commander who is amidst a worn torn area surrounded by enemies from all sides. The gameplay includes taking charge of a small troop and protecting the town by defending against invading enemies. This game has e different difficulty levels and 3 types of terrains and upgradable weapons and turrets.

Platforms: Android

These strategy based games can be played leisurely and the players can keep the game at rest too while collecting and forming resources and then again resuming. These are mainly mobile games and are very easy to play.

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