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45 Games Like Dark Souls (2018) PC, PS4, Android – Similar Games Recommended

Dark Souls is based on action and role playing. This combat game is generally based on historical events and the players have to gain knowledge about the events using dialogues by interaction with different characters as the game progresses. The game starts with the player locked in an asylum. He has to escape and start his journey. Due to open world environment, the player can explore and travel at his own will but also has to keep in mind about the dangers. Certain perquisites have to be met to unlock specific locations.

Platforms: Windows, PS 3, Xbox 360, PS 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

What Games to Play After Combat Dark Souls

1. Blackcrypt

BlackcryptIt is a single player dungeon crawler role playing video game which requires the player to progress through the successive levels of the dungeon, kill enemies on the way, collect treasures and valuable items, complete quests and keep improving and upgrading the character set and attributes of the player. An innovative feature here is that player can also be accompanied by a pet.

Platforms:  Windows, Mac OS X, Macintosh OS

2. Rogue

RogueIt is an action based dungeon crawling role playing video game where the player controls an adventurer who starts from the top of the dungeon and has to slowly proceed to the bottom to attain the amulet of Yendor and safely return back. Player has to kill the monsters encountered on the way, collect treasures which include weapons, armor and potions useful in the gameplay.

Platforms: Android, Microsoft, Linux

3. Legend of Grimrock

It is a dungeon crawl Legend of Grimrockaction role playing game about a group of prisoners who are sentenced to death and left in a pit and for they have to proceed through the dungeons and tunnels safely to see daylight again. Gameplay includes exploring, combat and puzzle solving. On gaining experience by killing the enemies, players get to enhance skills, get spells and progress through levels.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Macintosh OS

4. Etrian Odyssey

Etrian OdysseyIt is a 3D based role playing dungeon crawler which has animated gameplay where the players are provided with maps to explore the enormous dungeon by using pre-defined symbols provided by the game. The objective is to kill the vast array of enemies encountered in the way and keep exploring. Players here can also switch between characters according to battle requirement.

Platforms: Nintendo DS

5. Beyond the Labyrinth

Beyond the LabyrinthThis is a dungeon crawler action role playing game where the plot is about two teams stuck in a world unknown to them and they have to save a girl trapped in the world’s labyrinth. The main player is controlled from first person perspective. Gameplay includes exploring the maze like area, attack and kill enemies, use magic and with the help of accompanying girl, save the trapped girl.

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

6. Telengard

TelengardIt is a dungeon crawler role playing video game. It is a single player game where the player has to explore a dungeon filled with dangers like traps and monsters and also treasures. The player can customize his character based on attributes. Gameplay includes battle, magic and evade. The player starts with basic weapons and kills enemies to gain the experience required for improving player stats.

Platforms: Apple II, IBM PC, Windows, DOS, Commodore 64

7. Mind Zero

Mind ZeroIt is an action packed role playing dungeon crawler video game having a real world and a spiritual world. The player here takes control of the character of a high school student named Klei who happens to form a contract with MIND that is an entity with immense powers. The player has to find out the mystery behind MIND. Gameplay includes dungeon exploration and enemy killing.

Platforms: PS Vita, Windows

8. Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

Izuna- Legend of the Unemployed NinjaThis again is an action based role playing dungeon crawler game about Ninja and her clan who have been fired by their master and are in search for a place to live. The game contains randomly generated dungeons in which the player has to pass and everytime the player dies in a dungeon, he is retrieved by a passerby and loses everything he has collected except for the equipment.

Platforms: Nintendo DS

9. Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

It is a first person action role playing game situated inside a dungeon. The story here is about an avatar who is on a mission to save and rescue a baron’s kidnapped daughter. Gameplay includes exploring the cave system and killing enemies using melee and ranged weapons and solving quests. Gaining experience lets the character level up, upgrade weapons and access spells

Platforms: PS, Windows, DOS, Windows Mobile

10. Shining in the Darkness

Shining in the DarknessIt is a dungeon crawler role playing video game. The player here controls a main character and two of his friends. They have to explore the maze like dungeons and rescue the trapped characters whilst combating with the monsters, killing them and dungeon exploration. The storyline and events in the game change depending on the rescuing of the characters.

Platforms: Wii, Windows, Sega Genesis

11. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest DungeonThis again is a role playing single player video game based on dungeon crawl,  gameplay includes recruiting and training a group of heroes to explore the dungeons. The player can assign tasks to the heroes which will heal them, enhance their skills and combat and reduce stress. Once prepared, the heroes start exploring and killing enemies on the way.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, PS 4, PS Vita, iPad, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

12. Digimon Adventure

Digimon AdventureThis is a dungeon crawler role playing videogame which starts with seven characters and their digimon accompanies and as the game progresses a new character is introduced. Relationship with this character can be enhanced by interaction. The digimons each equipped with primary and special attacks and can also run away from the middle of a wild battle.

Platforms: PS Portable

13. Diablo III

Diablo IIIIt is a dungeon crawling action role playing game where players get to choose from one of the seven characters each having their unique abilities and skills. Gameplay includes explore new locations, solve quests to unlock items, kill the enemies in the battlefield and loot the gold and treasures available. The loot obtained is used to buy new weapons and artilleries.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

14. The Nightmare of Druaga: Wonderland Dungeon

The Nightmare of Druaga - Wonderland DungeonIt is a role playing video game containing two areas that is a town section and a dungeon section. The dungeons here contain temples and forests and random enemies which the player has to kill to obtain a key required at the exit. But visiting the level continuously allows the player to break the door. The player can change his gear and equipment according to the requirement.

Platforms: PS 2

15. The Binding of Issac

The Binding of IssacIt is an indie rogue like dungeon crawler video game. The player here controls Issac or one of the six other characters that are classified based on speed, health, damage control and other assets to travel through a maze like dungeon safely. Player has to kill all enemies, collect money and power ups in each level to progress. Each floor is occupied by a boss and related enemies.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux

16. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Baldur’s Gate- Dark AllianceIt is a hack and slash action role playing game which is set in a dungeon type of setting where the player starts with choosing a character from the classes each having unique qualities available and then customizing it using experience points obtained from killing enemies. It has preset stats. Players have to complete quests to proceed in the game and cooperative gameplay is also included.

Platform: PS 2, Xbox, Game Cube, Game Boy Advance

17. Torchlight

TorchlightIt is an action role playing hack and slash game where the player takes control of a lone hero who embarks on a journey of exploration into random dungeons collecting equipment, resources and fighting enemies. There is a central hub where the player can return at any time to exchange items with the NPCs. Players can complete other side quests simultaneously.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox 360

18. Champions of Norrath

It is a hack and slash action role playing game spread across a series of five acts which involves the player acting as a hero to save the world by solving quests and battling enemies. Gameplay also includes exploring the forests and dungeons, collecting loot and obtaining new improvised weapons. Save points and portals serve a vital and important role in the game to help the player.

Platforms: PS 2

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