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15 Best Games Like Huniepop to Play in 2018

Huniepop is a unique sim experience for PC, MAC, and Linux which comprises of part dating sim blended with puzzle gameplay and enriched by deep RPG systems. Huniepop has the inclusion of sex in its game mechanics. Here actual sex is not a part of the gameplay but is conveyed as a non-interactive event. Here are some similar games like Huniepop for Android, PC, Facebook, iPad, PS3 and Xbox360 where you can enjoy hours upon hours.

The plot has different storylines and outcomes and the player’s actions may end up giving the impression of sexual encounters. There’s room for a lot of innovation as you get to choose your characters, special moves, etc. with the sole aim of deriving pleasure.

Huniepop provides us with a visually appealing satisfaction. Here the player solves several puzzles in order to earn gifts to impress various women. This game lures you with a surprisingly deep level of interactivity and sense of humor. It usually awards you with erotic Picturisation as a prize. The animation is vivid but the background isn’t very descriptive.

This game is available for the platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux

Best Games like Huniepop

Check out our collection of best tile-matching puzzle games like Huniepop for Android, PC & PS4. You can play on Windows, PlayStation, MacOS.

1. Little Witch Romanesque

Little-Witch-RomanesqueIt is a mini-games collection first launched in Japanese version in 2015. Here the player is the main protagonist of the game who has to train and mentor two witches and then assign them probes to complete. This game has adult content featurization. It has an amazing storyline and is pretty much similar to huniepop.

Platform: PC

2. Shira Oka: Second Chances

Shira-Oka-Second-Chances-300x300Developed by Okashi Studios, the game’s plot revolves around second chances. The main character is a loser who is given a chance to relive the past, go back in time and change his decisions and subsequently where it would lead him. Shira Oka is the angel who is your guide to high school. The plot intrigues the player as each decision leads to a different outcome every time. The only drawback is that the game uses old visuals and interface.

Platform: Windows

3. Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Kamidori-Alchemy-MeisterIt is a Japanese eroge by Eushelly. The gameplay revolves around a young orphan names Wilfred Lives who aspires to become an alchemist. The game is about Kamidori’s adventures and how his life entwines around three girls who are considered as his bodyguards. Each of the girls has different personalities and depending on the girl he chooses to romance, the story takes a new turn. The visuals are good enough to keep you hooked to the game.

Platform: PC

4. Mystic Messenger

Mystic-MessengerMystic Messenger is a South Korean female-oriented visual novel game developed by Cheritz. This is a single player romantic type of game which allows the user to experience a love story through an interactive messaging app via receiving phone calls and texts depending on the relationship with other characters. The gameplay revolves around a girl who downloads a mysterious app and ends up living in a closed apartment where she happens to meet six new people and she needs to start a romance with one of them.

Platform: Android, IOS

5. Nekopara

NekoparaDeveloped by Sayori, Nekopara is a series of erotic video game first released in December 2014. Huniepop like games has a world where humans live along with catgirls called as “Nekos” and they have the ability to keep them as pets. The main protagonist, tired of the monotonous lifestyle of adopting cats, tries to get away with his family and wants to open a bakery of his own. However, two of the cats somehow manage to sneak away with him. To open a successful business alongside two gawky yet adorable and warm pets is the main hurdle. The latest version of the game was launched in 2017 and sold over a million copies.

Platform: PS4, Windows, Nintendo Switch

6. Yandere Simulator

Yandere SimulatorThis game is all about secrecy, obsession, and craziness. Here, you play the role of a schoolgirl who is obsessed with one of her fellow classmates and she must prevent other girls who attempt to form a relationship with her crush by any means. It is a single player game developed by Yandere Dev. The player can use a plethora of methods ranging from placid to aggressive while maintaining secrecy about herself to have a good reputation among her classmates and maintain trust among other girls. This game is driven by insanity.

Platform: Windows

7. Sakura Spirit 

Sakura SpiritIt was published in 2014 by Sekai Project. It is a single player video game based on the visual novel and focussing on English speaking market. Easily called the pinnacle of gaming, here the story is about a 17-year-old boy who aspires to become a judo contender to represent Japan. Prior to the tournament, he happens to visit a temple with spiritual powers to attain strength and good luck. There is teleported to a different world where fox girls reside who are mistrusted by the humans. The boy bridges the gap between them whilst spending time with the fox girls. It has a well-constructed storyline with a considerate amount of effort being put in to remove differences between two cultures.

Platform: Windows, Linux

8. Katawa Shoujo

Katawa ShoujoIt was initially released in 2012 and developed by Four Leaf Studios. The gameplay revolves around a man who has a heart attack and is later shifted to a specialist school where he has to romance several girls with varied disabilities. This is a romantic visual novel with vividly different storylines related to each of the characters. The concept is very creative and it helps relate to real life scenarios. The girl you fall in love with will decide your fate and contemplation of life before and after.

Platform: Android, Linux, Windows

9. Everlasting Summer 

Everlasting SummerThis game has a unique storyline based on Russian Backdrop. It was developed by Soviet Games. It is an eroge with adult contents and its end may be happy or sad depending on the choices of the player. Here the player takes the role of a young man who boards a bus to attend a reunion and falls asleep. He wakes up to summer in a camp during mid 80’s Soviet Union. In order to return back to his normal life, he has to solve the mysteries of the camp and establish proper relationships and probably find love.

Platform: Windows, MAC, Linux, Android

10. The Fruit Of Grisaia

The Fruit Of GrisaiaThe game was developed by Front Wing and is based on romance and drama inside a prison-like arena. It has a diverse and bifurcating plot line and each decision that the player takes, molds the story and finally results in a particular outcome. The player here is in the shoes of a person who has lost faith in life. He is transferred to Mihama Academy where he comes across five females and finds a ray of hope. Which woman he pursuits subsequent the story.

Platform: Windows, Play Station Vita, Play Station Portable

11. Yume Miru Kusuri 

Yume Miru KusuriYume Miru Kusuri: A drug that makes you dream is an eroge and a visual novel series released in 2005 revolving around a Japanese student who has excellent social and professional life but is battling depression and feels transparent from inside. He ends up meeting three girls who happen to have more problems than him. The concept is based on problems high school students deal with like family troubles, suicide, depression and the player has to face these challenging and critical situations while improving the life and fate of girl he chooses.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

12. Fate Stay Night 

Fate stay NightIt was first developed by Type-Moon as an adult game for Windows. It is an urban fantasy where the players come across several decision points and have to select from among a set of options which will reflect the storyline further. Each girl is related to a different story. The theme is based on “Fate”, “Struggle” and “the friction between real and ideal self”.

Platform: Windows, Play Station

13. Kitty Power’s Matchmaker 

Kitty-Powers’-MatchmakerThis is a dating sim game developed by Magic Notion and released in September 2014. who doesn’t like dating? This game like Huniepop allows the player to be a matchmaker and woo his clients. Same gender matching can also be done. This game allows you to personalize the characters and create their own profile. The profile matching leads to dates where they come across quiz and personality tests about which they can either lie or tell the truth.

Platform: Android, IOS, Windows

14. Roommates

Roommates-gameDeveloped and published by Winter Wolves, this Huniepop like game was released in 2014 and is a visual novel game. It has a male player named Max and a female player named Anne and the player can choose either of them. The plot is based on how the player makes his or her way through the first year of college while sharing room along with four other tenants. The game has a lot of sexual content in it.

Platform: Windows, Android, Mac, IOS, OSX

15. Dandelion

Dandelion-–-Wishes-Brought-to-YouIt is a female-oriented similar game like Huniepop developed by Cheritz. This is a dating simulation game with the in-depth storyline and surprising characters. Here the player suddenly one day comes across a basket full of rabbits and cats which she brings to her room. One fine day the all transform into handsome men. Which guy the player chooses to romance decides their fate and also how it affects the other guys. It’s out of the box concept received several praises from players.

Platform: PC/ Online


Who doesn’t like virtual fantasy? These similar Huniepop games appeal us in assorted ways from allowing role play to lure women or woo them. The diversity in the storyline and the interactive interface is like an added attribute. The onset of such variety of games took the world by storm.

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