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15 Games Like IMVU (2018)

IMVU is basically a website founded by Nakiya Marie in 2004. It is an online metaverse which is more or less a collective virtual shared space formed due to the occurrence of virtually enhanced physical reality. This provides its members with a multiplatform where they can utilize 3D avatars to meet new people, chat with them, create and play games.

IMVU lets the players live in the virtual world of their own built on fantasy. It is the world’s largest 3D chat and social entertainment website. Players here can customize the character according to their choice, dress them up, form friendships with other players, chat with them and many more. The players can also get married and have virtual babies to take care of.

There are a wide variety of games under IMVU’s platform, each with a different make-believe storyline. The members have to adapt themselves based on the game’s plot and start living that particular virtual life. IMVU users have a community of designers who create games with such formats and sell their products on the platform. 

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac

Similar Games Like IMVU

Check out our 2018 collections of free to play online life simulation games like IMVU that will appeal to fans of the virtual world genre.

1. Lady Popular

lady-popularIt is a free to play, the browser-based female-oriented game based on fashion, developed by XS Software and released in 2009. The player here has to customize and create a female character named ‘Lady’ who is a modern girl passionate about fashion. The gameplay includes various mini-games on city life, fashion contests, lady clubs and parties. The players can dress up Lady in a variety of clothes, rent an apartment and decorate it, interact with other players and compete with them to have the best house, best party and become the best lady.

Platforms: Web browser

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2. OurWorld

our-worldThis is a multiplayer online role-playing game published by FlowPlay and released in September 2008. It is a virtual world video game where players can create an avatar and take part in many mini-games. Players here exchange an in-game currency known as Flow by talking, dancing, drinking, eating and playing games. The players can also engage in communication, creating groups, requesting gifts and participate in contests. Some special added features in ourWorld include inventories, tattoos, potions, mystery boxes and many more.

Platforms: Web browser, Android

3. vSide

vSideIt is an online 3D virtual world based video game developed by Doppelganger Inc. and released in May 2006. This game is focused on music, game, and fashion where players take the role of teenagers who engage in several activities. vSide offers an enormous character customization with around 5 million combinations available. Players here can express themselves through social connections, personal space and gestures. The gameplay takes place in three cities with different themes having clubbing areas and public gathering events.

Platforms: Windows, Macintosh OS

4. Fantage

FantageThis is a multiplayer online game centered in a virtual world with a wide range of online games and activities. It was developed by and released in April 2008. Players here take the role of cartoon avatars called ‘Fantagians’ that have customizable hair, clothing, and accessories. Fantage is situated on a floating island having 13 different areas to explore. The gameplay includes farming, having pets, education, charity, party, and socialization. Players earn starts in mini-games.

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5. Smeet

SmeetIt is a browser-based social networking game developed by Smeet Communications. Players here can customize their profiles adding a touch of individuality to their character. Smeet provides various multiplayer mini-games based on themes and various topics for the player to choose from. Gameplay includes decorating houses, chatting with other players, playing games and solving quests. The players can also adopt pets.

Platforms: Browser-based Flash

6. There

There gameThis again is a 3D virtual world based online game developed by Makena technologies and released in January 2003. The game is based on socializing. In the starting, the players get to choose a gender and create and customize their social profile in the virtual world. Appearance and features like hair and clothes can be changed. The gameplay here includes interacting with others through texting and voice chats, communication and showcase of body language and emotions via expressions.

Platforms: Windows, Mac

7. Blue Mars

Blue Mars gameDeveloped by Avatar Reality and Virtual Space Entertainment in September 2009, Blue Mars is a multiplayer 3D platform based virtual game. Here the players take the role of avatars who can interact with other objects and avatars. They can explore the locations generally called ‘cities’. Each city has predesigned customized themes with respect to entertainment, shopping, business, and games. In game currency called ‘Blue Mars Dollars’ are used by players that can be bought with real money within the game.

Platforms: Windows, iOS

8. Ai Space

Ai SpaceThis is a Japanese 3D multiplayer virtual game based on social life. It was developed by several companies collaborating together and released in October 2008. Here the players can choose from a male or female gender and design their social avatar to explore the virtual world. Hairstyle, expression, costumes, and figure of the avatars are customizable. This game provides a unique client program that enables users to communicate with the client servers. The gameplay includes character development, socializing, interacting and taking part in acts like the dance.

Platforms: Windows

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9. Kaneva

KanevaKaneva is a video game company founded in 2004 which provides a 3D virtual platform for players to get involved in various activities. The gameplay here includes socializing, interacting with other players, playing games, shopping, dancing and hanging out with friends. This game promises a fun-filled and exciting social experience for the players. Character customization is allowed based on costumes, hairstyles, and looks of the avatars.

Platforms: Windows

10. Twinity

TwinityThis is a 3D virtual world online game developed by Metaversum GmbH and released in September 2008. Twinity is based on a fantasy environment with exotic locations. Players here can assign names to their avatars and customize them. Here a real photo can be uploaded and then modified according to the avatar’s face. The players can meet new people, flirt, interact, party and do shopping too. In game currency called ‘Globals’ can be used to buy clothes and other items for decorating the apartment.

Platforms: Windows

11. Habbo

HabboPrimarily designed for teenagers, this is basically a social networking community released in August 2000. The gameplay here constitutes chatting, role play, crafting, and trading. The entire game takes place in a hotel where members can navigate to different rooms, order items and chat with other members. Character customization is available for the players to create avatars of their choice. Here the players have a main objective to build and become rich.

Platforms: Android, Windows

12. Super Secret

Super SecretIt is a massively multiplayer online game based on a virtual 3D world and owned by JumpStart. Here the story is about a 10-year-old avatar who ventures out into the world to explore, interact and learn. The mini-games and social activities here inculcate life lessons. The gameplay includes socializing, keeping pets, shopping and gaming. The player here has to be expressive, have own fashion sense and should be able to make proper connections to succeed.

Platforms: Windows

13. Dream City Idols

Dream City IdolsThis is a 3D virtual game published by 37Games and is all about becoming a celebrity. Character customization is allowed where players can choose a male or female avatar and stylize it based on looks and appearance. The gameplay includes showcasing your talents to become famous, making a living, shopping, interacting and having the perfect ending. Additionally, players can also decorate their houses, keep pets, attend classes and even join clubs.

Platforms: Android

14. Club Cooee

Club CooeeClub Cooee is a fun-filled and entertaining game based on the 3D virtual world and is all about chatting, exploring and gaining experience. The gameplay revolves around friends and fun where players interact, make friends and enjoy camps and beach parties together, music and parties where players dance, enjoy and take part in events and quests and finally fashion where players can show off their styles and accessories. It includes character customization, decorating and chatting.

Platforms: Android

15. Gojiyo

GojiyoGojiyo is a virtual world game filled with quests and adventures. The gameplay is all about venturing, exploring and interacting. With personalized customizable avatars, this game allows you to interact with people over chat and engage in various activities. There are different worlds each having a unique environment like nightclubs, underwater cities and old towns where players can navigate. On completing quests, you earn points as a reward.

Platforms: Web browser

These games connect players on a large platform thus enabling a high level of interaction amongst members. This list of games like IMVU allows you to control your virtual life and be creative with it whilst providing appealing visuals and environment. 

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