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15 Best Games Like ROBLOX (2018) – Popular Building Games

This game works as a platform providing players to design their own games and play from a plethora of games created by other users and the developer. It is a massively multiplayer online game published by Roblox Corporation and released in 2006. This can be played as both single player and multiplayer. Roblox is basically a website to host virtual world games that are constructed by Lego like blocks.

Roblox is a sandbox game where players use the engine Roblox Studios and programming language Lua to create their own games. Players can work individually or even form groups to buy, sell, advertise and create virtual items like shirts and pants. Basically, it is like a platform to generate revenue out of gaming. Roblox hosts real life and virtual events like Roblox Developers Conference. You can also try some games like terraria.

  • Platforms: Xbox One, Android, Windows, iOS, Macintosh OS, Oculus Rift, Fire OS
  • Genre: Massively multiplayer online game
  • Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

Popular Building Games Games Like ROBLOX

Check out our collection of free building games like Roblox that are free to play online. Roblox is a platform where you can build your own games.

1. The Blockheads

The BlockheadsThis is a sandbox oriented independent video game similar to roblox published by Majic Jungle Software and Noodlecake Studios Inc. and released in January 2013. It is based on survival and can be played as a single or multiplayer. This game provides the diverse environment like seasons, climate changes and landscapes like oceans, deserts and mountain ranges. The basic gameplay includes building, crafting and exploring. Players here control avatars called Blockheads who collect or craft material resources to build or destroy blocks with the prime motive of making exotic structures.

Platforms: Android, iOS

2. Blockland

BlocklandThis is a non-linear online game like roblox of sandbox origin with no predefined set goal for the players. It is a single or multiplayer video game built on Torque game engine and released in February 2007. The gameplay is all about the building where the players use lego like building blocks to create toy blocks inside the virtual world. Customization of blocks is allowed where players can use tools to change the properties of the bricks like light adjustment, colors, and particles. Players can also use input and output operators to create the variety of elements like missile launchers, operable light switches, collapsing brick structures or arcade games like Pong or Breakout.

Platforms: Windows, Macintosh OS

3. Castle Miners

Castle MinersThis again is a sandbox oriented single or multiplayer roblox like game published by Digital DNA Games and released in July 2011. Players here have to choose from six different realms during the start of the game. Gameplay includes building structures out of the blocks, crafting weapons and tools from resources available and exploring. Players have the ability to teleport from one place to another including another player’s location. The game has over 200 available blocks to use in the game and players can choose to make their online world private or public access. Players also have the freedom to ban people from their servers.

Platforms: Xbox 360

4. Blocksworld

BlocksworldThis is a physics-based sandbox game related to roblox published by Linden Lab in July 2013. It can be played as a single or multiplayer where players can create their own games using 3D building blocks. Players here can build both characters and machines and share with friends while exploring their creations too. Players can use action blocks to add interactivity like making mighty machines that can move, drive, crawl and attack. Here blocks are divided into different categories each having their specific relevance. Sharing between players allows showcase of a large variety of creations.

Platforms: iOS, Windows

5. 8BitMMO

8BitMMOIt is massively multiplayer games that are like roblox developed by Archive Entertainment and released in December 2013. It is a construction based sandbox oriented game where players can build their own castles, fight enemies and compete against other players. Players here have to manage their own cities either solo or in a group. The largest group can sustain about 250 concurrently connected players. The game has amazing quests and abnormal enemies. The basic aim is the creation of a protection system to safeguard the player’s creation.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Java, Macintosh OS

6. Cubic Castle

Cubic CastleIt is a massively multiplayer online game which provides a 3D interface for building creative platforms. It was published by Cosmic Cow and provides a versatile interface where players can build their own castles, create their own challenges, crafting and mining and explore the world created by other players. Players can customize the characters based on adding accessories and also solve quests to gain points. Players can also mine resources from a variety of landscapes available like mountain ranges, wastelands, deserts, and forests. In the end, it is all about choosing a land and turning your creative imagination into reality.

Platforms: Android

7. Trove

TroveIt is a free to play sandbox multiplayer online game developed by Trion World and released in July 2015. This is a voxen based action game where exploration is at its peak and there is the large scope of new discovery. Players here can choose from different characters available each having their own unique capabilities. The gameplay includes building, crafting and exploring.

Platforms: PS 4, Xbox One, Windows, Macintosh OS

8. Cubelands

CubelandsThis is a sandbox single and multiplayer exploration game published by Craftsoft Pixel Studio and released in October 2010. It is a building game set in the universe of cubes where players can alone or together create their own world and show off among other players. The gameplay of cube lands also lets the players explore other realms of adventure like the land of dragons, pirates, and Vikings. There is a special mode known as land survivor mode which lets you fight against various kinds of perils, crafts and keep yourself safe from the dangers. Players here can be as creative as possible while building with the blocks.

Platforms: Android

9. World of Cubes

World of CubesIt is a sandbox block building game published by Solverlabs Limited which can be played in single or multiplayer mode. This game offers a combination of building, combat, and exploration. Players can start their own survival game where they have to build their own worlds and protect it from enemies or form groups to create a world full of imagination and innovation. This game lets you explore the creation of other players and single players can also upload maps made by them into multiplayer servers as challenges for them.

Platforms: Android

10. King Arthurs Gold

King Arthurs GoldThis is a fast-paced action multiplayer video game published by Transhuman Design and released in May 2011. The game is based on arcade, city building, mining and destroying of enemies. The player can work as a knight who is trained in close range combat, builders who build forts and traps for enemies and finally archers who are specialized in bow and arrow system of combat. This game allows you to build free-form constructions of your own choice.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Macintosh OS

11. Kogama

KogamaThis again is a sandbox oriented massively multiplayer online video game published by Multiverse Aps. Kogama gives the players an opportunity to design different worlds, levels, and objects and share it with other players on a social platform which makes it very similar to Roblox. It provides a 3D platform where players can create their own maps leading to umpteen opportunities. Gameplay here includes exploring the diverse environment, crafting weapons, creating structures, building and also hunting animals. It also provides the freedom of the player to player interaction.

Platforms: Android, Web browser

12. WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft

WorldCraft : 3D Build & CraftDeveloped and published by Play Labs Limited, Worldcraft is a multiplayer game based on crafting, action, and building. It is a sandbox oriented blocks game with different survival modes. Its gameplay is similar to that of Minecraft which includes building your own house, mining resources, exploring the environment, taming animals and also crafting weapons for survival. This game can be played in both single modes to start your own game of survival and uploading maps to the multiplayer platform or playing with friends in multiplayer mode.

Platforms: Android

13. Discovery Game

discovery-gameplayThis is a block building based game of sandbox origin which includes exploration of the environment, crafting and city building. The game takes place in a fully destructible world made out of blocks. Players can use a wide diversity of creation like villages, cities, mountains and also dig under the earth. This game provides lots of animation like smoke emitting torches, day/night transitions, TNT explosions and breaking block into pieces. Players have the freedom to create and destroy anything.

Platforms: Xbox 360, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS

14. Eden World Builders

Eden World BuildersIt is a sandbox adventure based game published by Pixowl Inc. Its gameplay is similar to Minecraft including crafting and building. Players can explore the vast environment, collect resources and create their own world. It also provides missions where players compete along with each other. The game’s environment provides an innumerable number of opportunities and possibilities along with resources. It can be played both as a single player or multiplayer.

Platforms: iOS

15. Lunacraft

LunacraftThis game is all about unlimited exploration and endless creativity. It is sandbox oriented and is played from a first-person perspective. Here you can create anything by using different blocks. This gameplay is based on city building, exploration, crafting, and customization. The player can customize the moon based on the ruggedness of the terrain and interact with enemies some of which are helpful and some dangerous. Players have to establish a base of their own, decode clues left by astronauts and develop new technologies.

Platforms: iOS

These are the best fun building games that are similar to Roblox. These games give players the freedom to create their own world in the sandbox platform provided. If you are interested in innovation, these games should definitely be tried.       

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