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15 Games Like Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an indie simulation role playing game based on farming published by Chucklefish and released in February, 2016. It is an open ended game and is about a character who inherits his grandfather’s plot of land which is basically an overgrown field. The mission of the player here is to regenerate the farm and turn it into home.

The player has to start from scratch by initially clearing off the boulders, weeds and trees to plant crops and can also raise livestock. Gameplay here includes mining resources, planting crops, crafting goods fishing and raising animals. The player here gets to choose from five farm maps.

Games Like Stardew Valley

The player can also have interaction with non-player characters, form relationships with them and engage in social activities like marriage and other work relations. The player here can complete additional quests to earn money to buy required items. Finishing grants leads to unlocking of new areas.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, PS 4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch

1. EVE Online

It is a massively multiplayer online role playing game based on space flight simulation and is developed and published by CCP Games in May, 2003. This game provides both player vs player and player vs environment battles and the player gets the liberty to choose a path from the options available. Player can either choose a predefined character or create one by choosing from one of the four playable races each having its own appearances, attributes and skill sets.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, Macintosh OS

2. Alter Ego

It is a life simulation role playing game released by Activision in 1986. The player here writes his own story. Male and female both have different storylines. The player is posed with multiple questions and the choice of the player results in different outcomes. It is a text based interactive game and based on the situation the player chooses, that kind of experience will be gained in the future. The circumstances encountered by the player can be both good or disturbing.

Platforms: Android, iOS, MS DOS, Apple II, DOS, Wii, Macintosh OS, Windows mobile, Web browser

3. Harvest Moon : Back to Nature

This is a life simulation game based on farming, developed by Victor Interactive Entertainment and published by Natsume in December, 1999. The story here is about a young boy inherits his grandfather’s farm and the mission is to restore the field to its original form in three years in order to be accepted in the village. The gameplay includes cleaning the farm off weeds, planting new crops, raising livestock and taking part in other social and leisurely activities. The player initially starts with basic farming tools that can be upgraded.

Platforms: Ps, PS Portable

4. The Sims Bustin’ Out

It is a life simulation videogame developed by Maxis and released in December, 2003. Here the main protagonist is Malcolm Landgraab who goes around stealing items in exchange for unpaid rent. The gameplay includes visiting new locations, winding up tasks, completing quests and career tracks to unlock the possessions of other people to ultimately evict Malcolm and move in in his house. The game contains lots of mini games and completing them helps progressing in the game.

Platforms: PS 2, Game Boy Advance, Game Cube, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

5. Animal Crossing

This is a life simulation based role playing videogame developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo in April, 2011. The game is set in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals involved in various activities like fishing and fossil hunting. The player here takes control of a human character who has to perform several duties of the village like plantation, items collection and socializing. Customization of character, appearance and household of the player is allowed.

Platforms: Android, iOS

6. Fallout Shelter

It is a free to play life simulation game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks in June, 2015. This game is all about building the perfect vault to safeguard the people from the dangers of wasteland. The gameplay includes storing food, water and other basic amenities for the inhabitants. The game allows customization of the vault based on type of rooms, looks and other aspects. Player has to keep solving quests to proceed in the game.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Xbox One, Windows

7. Happy Street

It is a free to play life simulation game published by Godzilab. It is quite similar to Viva Pinata where the main aim is to build your own city. The player here has to build his dream village by making use of the environment and resources present around. The mountains can be used for mining ores and forests to farm and harvest. Players can also build recreational places like hotels and museums. The player can customize the character and engage in social trading, cooking and fishing.

Platforms: Android

8. My Little Farmies

It is a farming simulation videogame published by upjers GmbH & Co. KG where the player has full freedom to design his own medieval world village. The player here has to plan the entire area based on fields, pathways and establishments. He can assign tasks to others like the craftsmen and builder for the construction work and farming families for cultivation of crops. The player can sell the handicrafted items to earn money for the development and uplifting of the village.

Platforms: Android

9. The Island : Castaway

It is a life simulation game from the series The Sims developed by Electronic Arts and Maxis and released in October, 2007. The player here is stranded in an island after being shipwrecked and the main aim is to survive using the resources available around. The gameplay includes fishing, cultivating plants, building shelters, exploring the island, obtaining potions from rare plants, killing the crab monster, solve mysteries and finding a way back home.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Web browser

10. Desperate Housewives

Based on social life, it is a life simulation role playing game developed by Liquid Entertainment and released in October, 2006. The player here takes control of the character of wife suffering from amnesia who has just moved in to a new place with her husband and son. The game is about day to day struggles of the woman who copes up with an unruly son and deals with the secretary while handling all the household chores. New characters are introduced from time to time.

Platforms: Windows

11. Life Quest 2

It is a social life simulation role playing game based on a twelve step life quest program published by Big Fish Games. The player here has to control the social activities of a character to make him reach to the top of the social ladder and finally making it to the town of Metropoville. The character is customizable. The motto here is to go from rags to riches by solving quests to earn money which can be used to buy house and vehicles and eventually progress in the game.

Platforms: Android

12. Hometown Story

This is a single player life simulation role playing videogame developed by Toybox Inc. and released in October, 2013. The story here is about a character who inherits a shop from his grandmother and his main motive is to manage and expand the shop. The player here has the freedom to interact with other characters of the town and make social relationships with them. Shop is customizable and the arrangement and stocking of items can be done to the player’s liking.

Platforms: Androud, iOs, Macintosh OS

13. World of Zoo

It is a single or multi player life simulation game developed by Blue Fang Games and published by THQ in October, 2009. The game is set in a zoo where the aim of the player is to keep the animals happy. The zoo contains a wide species of animals from different families. The players are awarded with hearts and tokens which can be used to buy food, tools and unlock new animal types. The game also allows you to customize animal personalities.

Platforms: Windows, Wii, Nintendo DS

14. Ciel Nosurge

This is a role playing life simulation game which is slightly inclined towards social life, published by Koei Tecmo in April, 2012. The story is about a girl who suffers from amnesia and lives in another dimension. She is about to become the emperor of her own world. The player here has to help the girl get her memories back, interact with other characters, socialize with them and form relationships of various sorts. The game takes place in episodes each focusing on a certain aspect.

Platforms: PS Vita

15. Viva Pinata : Trouble in Paradise

It is a single or multi player life simulation game published by Microsoft Studios and released in September, 2008. The game is set in a garden where the player assumes the role of a gardener whose garden is visited by Pinata creatures having animal like attributes. The objective here is to modify the garden by digging ponds and planting trees to transform it into a home for Pinata creatures. The player has to maintain the garden and creatures to unlock upgrades.

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