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15 Games Like Terraria (2018) – Similar Sandbox Adventure Games

Terraria is an action-adventure Sandbox video game developed by Re-Logic and released on 16th May 2011. It works on Android, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It is an action based game with the tile-based graphical interface. The game revolves around three main objectives that are dig, fight and build.

Terraria gameplay is crafted in such a way to keep you on your toes at all point of time. Importance has been given to very minute details and bits which keeps you occupied throughout. In the start, the player is provided with basic tools like a pick axe for mining, short sword for combat and an axe for wood cutting.

These tools are used to start working to explore resources, find amenities and gain health to equip oneself appropriately for the combat. There are the different variety of enemies based on various discrimination. As the game proceeds, you have to keep updating yourself to move ahead.

It is all about survival, fortune and glory at the end. It also contains a special feature known as expert mode difficulty which increases the difficulty level by making everything twice as tough.

Minimum System Requirements for Terraria

  • Hard Disk Space: 200MB
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Memory: 512MB
  • DirectX®: 9.0c or Greater
  • Video Card: 128mb Video Memory, capable of Shader Model 1.1

15 Games like Terraria

Check out our collection of Terraria like games on Steam and for Android, PC, iOS in 2018.

1. Minecraft

MinecraftIt is a sandbox video game designed by Mojang and released in November 2011. Its creative style of representing textured cubes in 3D projection entertains players. This game incurs the player to think to build things. The goal here is to move cubes and fluids that represent several objects like stone, dirt, ores, trees, lava, and water and build things. There is no affixed format for the building which gives freedom to the players. This game comprises of 5 modes including creativity, survival, adventure, hardcore, and spectator. Players have the option to choose from the first person or third person perspective.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox, Windows, PS

2. Starbound

StarboundIt is an action based adventure video game developed by Chucklefish and released in July 2016. As the name suggests, the game takes you to a startrek adventure where the player is stuck with a damaged ship and has to use the resources available to repair the ship and embark on a wonderful journey of exploring space. This game allows you to write your own story. The ship is customizable, and the player is supplied with a teleport pad to visit different planets.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, PS 3, PS Vita

3. Stardew Valley

Stardew ValleyIt is a role-playing game published by Chucklefish and released in Feb 2016. It is based on indie farming simulation. The story takes place in Pelican Town where the player has a land and a small house. The gameplay is about starting from scratch, using the resources available and start growing crops to generate revenue. The player may also interact with the non-player characters present in the town and also engage in relationships with them. Other domestic work like cooking, fishing, and crafting can also be done.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

4. Don’t Starve

Don’t StarveThis game is based on the concept of survival, developed by the Canadian indie company Klei Entertainment and released in April 2013. The sole motive of the player is to survive as long as possible in the wilderness while simultaneously maintaining track hunger, health, and sanity.The game follows a day-night pattern where daytime is dedicated to exploring and replenishing the resources and night to combat against a variety of enemies. The player roleplays like a scientist who must exploit the wilderness, and it’s inhabitants to live.

Platforms: PS4, Android, Xbox One, IOS, Windows, Linux

5. Roblox

RobloxThis game can be played both as a single player or multiplayer and is based on the power of imagination. It was developed by Roblox Corporation and released in 2006. It is all about designing your own game and playing alongside the games created by the developers.The freedom of designing leads to a plethora of game types and formation of groups is also allowed. The players can sponsor and advertise their games and keep playing to their profit.

Platforms: Xbox One, Windows, Android, Mac OS, IOS

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6. Garry’s Mod

Garry’s ModIt is stated to be the seventh best-selling PC game developed by Facepunch Studios in December 2004. This game is based on creativity of physics. There is no assorted goal for the player. Instead, the player is provided with tools and left to play. You have to use your creativity to make anything out of the tools. The game has props and ragdolls which can be selected to use accordingly. The main tool is Physics gun which is used to pick, rotate and weld the accessories together.

Platforms: PC

7. Geometry Dash

Geometry DashIt is an obstacle course based game published by RobTop Games and released in August 2013. Only the mouse or space bar is used to jump the obstacles that come in the way and keep progressing in the game. It currently has 21 official levels. The motto is to collect three secret coins that are hidden. On dying the player again has to start from the first.

Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows

8. Crashlands

CrashlandsIt is an action based role-playing video game released in January 2016 and developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans. It is an adventurous game where the player combats with alien forces to tame them, strategize to obtain their resources and warfare materials and also make friends with the locals. The major motive is to craft plans to destroy alien beasts. There is a lot of magic and technology used in the game.

Platforms: Android, IOS, Windows, Macintosh OS

9. The Blockheads

The BlockheadsIt is a survival sandbox video game developed by Magic Jungle Software and Noodle Cake Studios Inc. and released in January 2013. Here the player gets to control avatars who are called “Blockheads.” The game gives you an overall experience of traveling around the world and crossing the massive biodiversity while using the resources. The player controls blockheads to create or destroy the block, collect materials and supplies and then form structures.

Platforms: Android, IOS

10. Junk Jack

Junk JackIt is a 2D sandbox multiplayer game based on mining, exploration, and survival. The gameplay includes exploring the environment and collecting resources and gems, crafting weapons to kill monsters, maintain farms and breeding, decorating houses with furniture and upgrading the weapons with the help of gems. The game creates a realistic scene by including day-night cycles, maps, and several other innovative items.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac

11. Deepworld

DeepworldThis is a 2D sandbox multiplayer adventure crafting game. The players here have the freedom to explore the environment and build anything out of choice. It has diverse locations including caves, mountains, and places created by other players. Here you have to discover, mine, craft and fight monsters. Deepworld has creative elements like teleportation, day-night cycles, quests and character skill points.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS

12. Craft World

Craft WorldThis is an adventure crafting game developed by Dekovir Entertainment. The gameplay, as usual, includes crafting weapons, collecting resources, building worlds and fighting monsters. The game takes place in a dwarf settlement where the player begins as a single dwarf and then starts a community filled with adventures and quests. The player can make the dwarfs work by giving them instructions. The basic resources include torches, pickaxes, and clubs.   

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Mac

13. Epic Inventor

Epic InventorEpic Inventor is a 2D sandbox adventurous game published by Pixel Prone Games. The prime objective of the player here is to explore and collect resources and keep building the variety of items to populate the world. The players can build traps, machines, and weapons to protect their town from enemies. Players here are also provided with a robot during the start of the game which can be used for both defense and offense mechanisms. 

Platforms: Mac, Linux, Windows

14. Under the garden

Under the gardenThis is a sandbox style exploration and survival game developed by Paul Gresley. The game is situated in harsh winter environment where the players have to survive by exploiting the resources around them. The players here have to build a house for themselves, light a fire collect resources for food and protect themselves from injuries. Gameplay includes hunting, chopping and surviving.

Platforms: Windows

15. Dig-N-Rig

Dig-N-RigThis is a 2D adventure game based on mining. The game is situated in the future where the players have to get involved in resource mining. Here the players have to keep exploring in a quest to find unique materials and items which can be used in building several machines. It is all about resource management and building mechanism. There are a large number of upgrades available.

Platforms: Windows

10. WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft

WorldCraft-3D-Build-CraftWorldcraft promotes building and crafting in the 3D environment where the player can choose from the single and multiplayer mode.



Conclusion: If adventure and action is your forte, these role-playing games are a must try for you. They assert you with a tinge of adrenaline rush throughout.

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