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45 Games Like WOW – World of Warcraft (2018)

This game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2004. It is a massive multiplayer online role playing games and here the player controls an avatar whose aim is to explore the realm, complete quests and fights monsters. Here the avatar is controlled in third or first person view. The story here is that the town is on the verge of a war and new allies have to be established to be ready for battle. In totality World of Warcraft immerses you in a world of myth, magic and adventure.

Platforms: Windows, Macintosh OS

1. Runescape

RunescapeIt is a fantasy MMORPG where players get to set their own objectives and take the role of avatars who can travel and explore the realm using magical spells, ships or on foot. The gameplay includes improving skills, combat with enemies, quests, and interaction with non-player characters and players can choose between competing, completing or gaining skills.

Platforms: Windows, Java, Linux, Macintosh OS. Web browser

Games like runescape

2. The Lord of The Rings

The Lord of The Rings gamePlayers here take control of an avatar which explores, interacts with NPCs and battles with enemies. Character and skill improvement occur on gaining required amount of experience points. Deeds are used to keep a track record of the accomplishments of the player and different traits can also be combined to increase character strength. 

Platforms: Windows, Macintosh OS

3. Echo of Soul

Echo of SoulThe story is based on war between two creators, the Gods and the Giants. The players take the role of adventurers called ‘Soulkeepers’ who protect the world from menaces and carry out the tasks given by the Gods. Players are bestowed with a unique ability to feed on the souls of monsters they kill and choose a character from warrior, archer, guardian, rogue, sorceress or warlock.

Platforms: Windows

4. Tera

TeraThe gameplay comprises of player to player combat, crafting plans and questing. The story is about war between gods and mortals where most of the gods were left imprisoned or dead. Players use highly advanced combat styles and commendable skills. You have to choose a character from the available seven races each having unique skills of their own.

Platforms: Windows, PS 4, Xbox One

5. Skyforge

SkyforgeThe story is based on the transformation from new immortals to become gods attaining immense power and faith of the mortals. The players have to control them in order to protect their home from invading attackers and maintain the faith of their followers. This is a mixture of science and fantasy where traditional weapons like swords, bows, shields and staffs are used in battle.

Platforms: PS 4, Xbox One, Windows

6. Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and DragonsThe story starts with the player being shipwrecked on the shores of an island and is saved by the citizens of that island who want help. The players have to save their city from different perils. Progress is obtained by completing quests received from NPCs. There are different races for the players to choose and a monster manual is also available to obtain bonuses.

Platforms: Windows, IBM PC, Macintosh OS

7. Age of Conan: Unchained

Age of Conan- UnchainedIt is a fantasy themed game set in the brutal and savage world of Conan the Barbarian. The players get to select a character. This game provides with exceptionally qualified combat system as the players evolve in a groundbreaking battle. The combat style allows striking the target from different angles. The players can also unite to form alliances and fight against evil together.

Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360

8. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2The game is based on the fantasy world of Tyria which is being tormented by five ferocious dragons. The players have to reunite to battle against them and save the world from devastation. It replaces the indigenous way of solving quests and introduces the ripple effect which lets players approach quests in different ways. Players have to create a character from the combination of options.

Platforms: Windows, Macintosh OS

9. Star Trek Online

Star Trek OnlineHere the players take control as the commander of a spaceship and have access to all equipment along with having command over the officers in the ship. The gameplay is about exploring new world, studying different dynamics seeking life and starting a new civilization. There are either long term combats between capital ships or fast paced run-and-gun combat.

Platforms: PS 4, Xbox One, Windows, Macintosh OS

10. Blade and Soul

Blade and SoulThis is based on martial arts combat style where the players use real time battle systems viewed in third person camera view. This game offers an open world environment where the players have to complete quests assigned by the NPCs. The players have to create highly customizable characters with the freedom to choose their facial structures, hairstyle, makeup, features and body sliders.

Platforms: Windows

11. Archeage

ArcheageThis game provides a large variety of settings like combat, carfting, housing, player vs player battle, farming, mounts and pets, criminal justice, quests, skills, travel, trade routes and gliders. The game focuses on overall development in all aspects. This is a long term game where the player has to slowly build himself, his surroundings and skills up to a certain level.

Platforms: Windows

12. Aion: Upheavel

Aion- UpheavalThe gameplay involves battling with opponents inside castles and also fighting the non-player characters controlled by PC. The players can choose one character from the six classes including warrior, mage, scout, priest, muse or technist. The combat system includes crafting, grouping with alliances, fighting enemies, unlocking and solving quests and finally attaining mounts.

Platforms: Windows

13. Secret World Legends

Secret World LegendsThis game is based on a world which is under attack by occult enemies. The players fight against the supernatural and can control the avatars to explore, complete missions, interact with NPCs and fight monsters. Advancement is based on equipment and experience points used to buy powerful weapons. Character customization based on looks, gender and clothing is also allowed.

Platforms: Windows

14. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIVThis game requires the players to create their own avatars that can be customized like skin tone, facial features, hair and even scars or birthmark. Each level is divided into two parts, one deal with the collection of experience points and the other on combat. The players here protect the fantasy realm from the menacing enemies present in their land and the hostile invaders.

Platforms: Windows

15. Rift

RiftThis game contains two factions, The Guardians who religiously follow the gods and The Defiant who due to personal reasons do not follow the religion and have faith in science and technology. Rifts are the areas of instability which once opened spawn monsters that cause destruction. The players have to fight these monsters to prevent casualties and protect the areas.

Platforms: Windows

16. Black Desert Online

Black Desert OnlineThis game requires players to act like third person shooters and is an action based multiplayer online role playing game. It includes a dynamic weather system, day/night cycle and housing for the players in different location and sizes. Gameplay includes dodging, aiming, mounted combat and also taming the wild animals. Fishing, farming and trading are also included.

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PS 4

17. Bless Online

Bless OnlineThis game has a fantasy world setup where the war is between two factions and has been ongoing since a very long time. Players have the liberty to choose race, class and the race from which they want to play. Players battle in castle sieges and winning the battle unlocks new quests and resources. The game has different climate changes and character advancements.

Platforms: Windows

18. Neverwinter

NeverwinterIt is a massive multiplayer role playing game which offers the same classes to choose from as Dungeons and Dragons. In this game the players can create their own quests and stories. The interesting elements of the gameplay are action points and healing powers. The players here have to restore a city which has plunged into chaos.

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PS 4

19. WildStar

WildStarIt is a science and fantasy themed game where the players have to create a character who can explore the open world environment. Players are provided with houses and several advantages alongside. Movement includes double jumping, sprinting and dashing. In the combat style the players can predict the attacks of enemies and heals of the allies.

Platforms: Windows

20. EVE Online

EVE OnlineThis game is based on space and the players can start initially by either creating a new character or selecting a previously created one. The game offers four races with each race having three bloodlines. The players travel using spaceships and combat in space itself. Players have to progress by advancing their skills, assets, attributes and ships.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

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