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How Much Data Does YouTube Use Per Min/Hour?

We have to understand that most video streaming websites are using too much data and the same thing goes for YouTube. So we decided to make an article that will help you determine how much data YouTube use during your video streaming hours.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website and community that is based and located in California. It was created by three experts that worked in PayPal, however, Google bought it in 2006 for around two billion dollars and today it is one of the main Google’s subsidiaries.

How Much Cellular Data Does YouTube Use?

On this particular site, you will be able to download, share, view, rate, comment, make your own playlists and there are many more features that you will be able to use for absolutely free of charge. You can upload and watch all popular formats from Adobe Flash Video to MPEG4. In the recent few years there were ideas and first live streams available of TV shows, however, you will be able to find whole movies, video clips, TV shows, documentaries, music videos and much more content in database that contains billions of videos where there are 400 hours of content uploaded every hour by people from all over the world.

Videos are free to watch, except those that are based on premium channels and there are also film rentals, pay-per-view services and much more. This is the second most popular website in the world, which means that many data is used every passing minute by millions of users.

How much data video streaming websites Youtube use?

Two leading sites that are using too much data by a survey that is made to internet providers are Netflix and YouTube. If we state that 52% of internet usage and downloaded data comes from these two sites, would you be amazed? Netflix is responsible for 35% and YouTube for 17%.

1 hour of YouTube vs Netflix

Video Quality YouTube Netflix
Low 100MB 250MB
Medium 250MB 500MB
High 750MB 1GB

Every single day there are more YouTube users, and according to the company, there are more than a billion users from all over the world, which is the third of entire Internet, where hundreds of millions of hours are watched every day and millions of GB are spent.

If you have a provider that limits your data usage, or you just control how much data you are spending, you have to understand that YouTube and sites that function on similar basis are those that use many data and you have to be responsible and modest.

Youtube Data Usage Per Min/Per Hour

Video Quality 240p 360p 480p 720p 1080p
Per min. 1.6MB 2.66MB 4MB 7.4MB 12.4MB
Per hour 100MB 160MB 240MB 450MB 750MB

There are four different resolution options for watching videos on YouTube:

How much data Youtube video use

  1. Auto – It will provide you best quality that is based on your internet connection speed. If you have limited data usage, it is always better to choose one of the next three options, because with an auto you won’t be able to control it thoroughly.
  2. Low – This is the lowest quality of the video, however, that means that it uses fewer data and it is the best if you are on allowance or you don’t want to pay extra for the spent amount of data. It will eat you 0.3 GB per hour.
  3. Medium – This particular definition will give you decent resolution and modest spending data, however, it is two times bigger than low rate so you must have in mind how much you wish to spend and why. You will spend 0.7 GB per hour.
  4. High – There are two options in this particular definition because if you choose 720p (HD resolution) you will spend 3 GB per hour, and if you choose 1080p (Full-HD resolution) you will spend 7 GB per hour approximately.

Monthly YouTube Data Usage

Video Quality 480p 720p
30 min/day 3.5GB 7GB
1 hr/day 7GB 14GB
2 hr/day 14GB 28GB

How to control data usage on YouTube?

  • Set yourself a limit – If you have YouTube app, you will be able to see how much data has been used by this particular app. That way you can control your usage.
  • Watch in low resolution – This is always a better option if you must watch videos on YouTube, but still, you have limitation. You cannot expect great viewing experience, but it will give you something.
  • Download videos – There are many online downloaders that will give you the possibility to directly download video on your device, which means that you will spend only that much data for downloading and afterwards you can watch it offline without any data consumption.

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Even though most people from this world have limitations from their internet providers, there are ways to control your spending, without interfering with your usual internet rituals. We have presented you how much bandwidth data does YouTube use, and if you have additional options or your own thoughts about this particular topic, feel free to comment on the section below.

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