How much Does Hulu Plus Cost/Month? Price Breakdown of Hulu Plans

There are many different premium movie streaming websites such as Hulu and Netflix, however, most of us are not familiar with its prices and all features and that is the reason we decided to present you how much does Hulu cost. With lots of competitors that are fighting for movie streaming market, every major movie streaming service has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hulu Plans

Hulu is one of the best alternatives to Netflix, and not only that because it gives you the possibility to enjoy in real-time live streaming of television, TV shows, movies, documentaries, and animes. However, there are many different things that you should know before you decide to purchase a premium membership and monthly subscription. We will start from the beginning.

What is Hulu?

Hulu was founded in 2007, and since then it became one of the most prominent legal video streaming websites. It is a joint venture of 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, Disney, and Comcast. It is originally launched in order to allow a direct stream of television on computer, however, today they expanded and now it is available on most streaming devices. It is a great alternative to television, because of a tight relationship with TV networks, and at the same time offers more than TV programming, which means that you will be able to access a huge database of TV shows and movie catalogues that are made in partner studios.

How does Hulu work?

If you have ever used other streaming service, you will be able to understand how Hulu functions very quickly. You have to understand that Hulu keeps its content separated, so you won’t be able to browse movies when you are in TV show zone and vice versa. Similar to Netflix, Hulu remembers where you stopped last time and it creates a list of your favourite and related shows and movies according to content that you have watched before. This is great features because allows you to enjoy without losing more time be browsing it again.

hulu cost

It contains advertisements, unlike the Netflix that is completely ad-free, however, it is generally speaking great experience using it, because it contains numerous features and TV shows that are not available on Netflix and therefore you will be able to expand your viewing habits. The greatest thing is that recommendations will appear while you are in a middle of an episode. As soon as you return, it will ask you whether you want to pick up where you have left off.

When it comes to content, there are many different things that you can discover, even if you have never heard about it before. This app will follow your taste and suggest you great movies that are similar to those that you have watched before. You can access categories that or browse through listings such as release company, genre and much more.

They have different original shows and programming and if we put apart many different incredible shows such as The Wrong Man and Moonboy, Hulu created also a show 11/22/63 with James Franco, Difficult People, and The Path.

How much does Hulu Plus cost?

Even though you are asking yourself how much Hulu costs and is it for free, the question is that you have to pay something. When it first started, they offered a free option that gave you the possibility to allow you to stream a limited number of shows and episodes in exchange for watching advertisements. Even though that is a great system, these days are long gone.

Hulu Live TV Subscription Prices

Cloud DVR Bundle

If you want to engage in Hulu TV service, you will be able to get bigger storage space and to record shows and that means that you will be able to enjoy in different kinds of services. However, it is not that similar to DVR, because you won’t be able to fast-forward, but you must wait until something is finished until you start watching. There are many different add-on packages that will give you the possibility to enjoy unlimited recording with 200 hours of unlimited streams and programming.

When you compare it with live TV services, you can add different add-ons that will help you determine whether you want to enjoy in commercials or not.

We decided to present you all Hulu plans that you can choose:

  • Limited Commercials – When you decide to purchase this plan, you have to pay $7.99/month and you will be able to access TV shows, movies and documentaries from a huge database, however, you must ensure all frustrating ads.
  • No Commercials – If you want to have an ad-free environment in order to enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows, the Hulu cost is $11.99/month, and you will get the entire same package as Limited Commercial, however, there will be no ads available, so you can enjoy.
  • Hulu with Live TV – This particular Hulu price plan costs $39.99/month and you will be able to watch 50 live channels and 50 hours of recording without any commercials. You can enjoy in two simultaneous streams, which means that you will be able to watch on two different devices at the same time and you will also get the possibility to watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries, however, with annoying ads.

hulu live tv channels

Hulu add-ons for Live TV:

  • No VOD Commercials – This particular add-on Hulu costs additional $4 and you can watch ad-free programming. For example, if you pay $39.99 for Hulu with Live TV and add extra $4, you will be able to watch movies and TV shows without commercials.
  • Enhanced Cloud DVR – This particular add-on will give you possibility to enjoy in recording live stream television with 200 hours of storage
  • Unlimited Screens – This add-on is widely popular because you have to pay only $14.99 and you will be able to enjoy in numerous simultaneous streams in your own home
  • Showtime – This particular add-on costs $8.99 and you will get both Showtime content, on-demand, and live possibilities.

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Hulu vs Netflix vs amazon prime

Hulu vs Netflix

  • Hulu costs $7.99 a month or $11.99 a month for Hulu Plus, an annual cost of $95.88 and $143.88.
  • Netflix has 3 options for streaming.
  • One screen in SD for $7.99, 2 screens in HD for $9.99, or 4 screens in Ultra HD for 11.99
  • You can download videos on Netflix
  • Annual cost of Netflix adds up to $95.88, $119.88, or $143.88.

Hulu vs Amazon Prime

  • Prime costs you $99 a year with free two-day shipping on all your Amazon purchases.

List of Hulu Originals:

# Title Year Star Ratings/10 Date
1. The Mindy Project 2012 7.4 02 Oct 2015
2. The Awesomes 2013 7.4 02 Oct 2015
3. Difficult People 2015 6.8 02 Oct 2015
4. Fugget About It 2012 5.8 02 Oct 2015
5. East Los High 2013 7.4 02 Oct 2015
6. The Hotwives of Las Vegas 2015 6.1 02 Oct 2015
7. The Hotwives of Orlando 2014 7.5 02 Oct 2015
8. Mother Up! 2013 4.6 02 Oct 2015
9. Quick Draw 2013 7.7 02 Oct 2015
10. Deadbeat 2014 7.5 02 Oct 2015
11. Doozers 2012 6.0 02 Oct 2015
12. Moone Boy 2012 8.2 02 Oct 2015
13. The Wrong Mans 2013 7.9 02 Oct 2015
14. The Bridge 2011 8.6 02 Oct 2015
15. A Day in the Life 2011 6.1 02 Oct 2015
16. Behind the Mask 2013 7.2 02 Oct 2015
17. Casual 2015 7.6 02 Oct 2015
18. Up to Speed 2012 7.6 02 Oct 2015
19. Battleground 2012 7.9 02 Oct 2015
20. Spoilers with Kevin Smith 2012 7.0 02 Oct 2015


We have presented you all information that you need on how much Hulu costs, and if you are able to purchase any one of them, you won’t regret because there are a huge database and numerous features that will keep you interested all the way.

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