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20 Games Like Minecraft You can Play in 2018

Minecraft always impresses players with its world that seem unlimited to explore, build, gather, and craft. It is a sandbox video game that presents you its world in 3D and all the activities take place in the third-dimensional form. The survival mode always grabs everyone’s attention, and as you go further in the exploration, you find resources and this way an endless journey of building and crafting starts.

There are several modes available to choose from and you get different elements to experience as per the mode. There are health levels, ability to fly in some modes, only one life to take care of and other exciting things in every mode. Here some of the alternatives are mentioned that you can consider based on their gameplay.

Minecraft like Games  You Should Play in 2018

#1 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

The game is about farming and more like a farming simulation. But it can be featured as a Minecraft alternative because here you manage all the resources to while building new structures. The only difference is that it happens in a small garden-like farm that you take forward and develop over time.

Gameplay lets you see the crops, harvest them, and sell them for the profit. This way you manage your living, increase your business and improve every day. You also take care of animals and use them in the farm. Life seems fun here for the city guy. Get on Steam

#2 Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark- Survival Evolved

This one also brings you survival but more like in an action-adventure form. It presents you the open world where you either see it as a first person or a third person’s perspective. Another advantage is that you can choose from single and multiplayer and continue your game.

Gameplay needs you to survive where you collect resources for dire and weapons. The adventure begins where you tame those dinosaurs and use them for your own benefits. Players also get to build several structures so they can survive better. Also, you need to feed these creatures you tame. Otherwise, you lose them. Buy on Steam

#3 Cube World

Cube World

The environment of the Cube World stays same like Minecraft where elements and characters seem identical. The game mainly focuses on crafting because it is the only way you make useful things that device the duration of your survival.

In every mission, the gameplay allows you to explore more and more and build better from what you used to. In the beginning, you can choose the class and skills and then your RPG adventure begins where you encounter several enemies and their bosses. For exploration, there is a variety of stuff like caves, grounds, forests, etc. 

#4 Trove


Trove seems identical to Cube World and so it is an alternative to Minecraft as well. The game features action-oriented missions where MMO is an aspect too. Here you mine, crawl through the caves, sniff enemies and kill them to collect your rewards and upgrades.

Gameplay allows you to play with your team and make progress together by completing the to-do list. There are several classes to choose from, there are lots, enemies, boss enemies, dungeons, and much more than Minecraft that you will surely enjoy a lot. Buy on Steam

#5 Starbound

Another alternative that takes you to the action-adventure genre while offering survival as well. Here the environs remain in 2D mode but due to pretty good gameplay, you can stick with Starbound. Here you can survive by discovering places, gather what is needed, craft things and fight the enemy.

Here the multiplier concept lets you explore and enjoy the journey with your buddies. It mainly focuses on the journey rather than the destination and the journey seems a lot excited. You also get weaponry where all your weapons are stored and you can get as per your choices. NPCs also appear at several points and guide you or narrate you the further story or missions. Buy on Steam

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