How Much Does Netflix Cost/Month? Price Breakdown of Netflix Plans

Netflix is nothing but a paid streaming site which earns through a subscription model. It is supported for each and every device computers, cell phones, iPad etc. It has more than 75 million subscribers across the globe. It enables you to the wonderful feature which allows you to watch the series on 4 devices simultaneously.

This application doesn’t buffers adds, it enables you to enjoy its services anytime and anywhere. It also lets the user watch the whole series at one go without waiting for next episode. It has wide content to make the user confuse over its choice and watch maximum shows on it.

netflix price

This application is paid but the cost is worthy of the services it provides. Netflix has become a globalized network which streams all the popular shows of all the genres like comedy, roman, thriller, suspense, action etc. All these shows have high definition picture quality without buffering and adds. This site is available for all the devices with the latest software so that it can work smoothly.

Lately, Netflix has hiked up in its subscriber because of its wonderful and user-friendly unambiguous services to the user. Its regular update feature helps it to work in the better manner each day.

Netflix Free Trial

Netflix always provides 30 days free trial period to its users. But for those who want to enjoy it for a longer period then surely they can switch to its plans. Nowadays there is a price hike in Netflix subscription and of course, people are finding it annoying but they are so much addicted to it and cannot leave usage of this site.

How to Sign up for a free trial?

  • Go to
  • Enter your username, Email, Password, select a plan and payment option
  • Now confirm your email and done.
  • You will not be charged for the 1st month. But thereafter whatever plan you have selected, you will be charged as per that.

Check out the Video:

Now it has modified its terms and condition and is asking the user to buy the platinum plan which is costly so to enjoy full streaming of the shows. This cost has been raised due to its production of more series or vast content. It functions in the limited number of TVs that is Samsung, LG, Sony, VIZIO and required 25 Mbps of speed. All the blockbuster shows are being featured over it.

Netflix Streaming Plans with Price

Netflix has revised its memberships plan for the user it is divided into three section and each holds different price based on its production quality, obviously higher the price better the quality. Starting with

  1. Basic which costs $7.99. It allows you to watch on one screen at one time, available for all the devices and you can watch unlimited shows and movies. You cannot watch movies and shows in HD quality.
  2. Standard It is available for $9.99 which does not enable ultra HD screen, it will work for 2 devices at a single time. Available for all the device depicts various shows and movies and has the one-month free subscription.
  3. PremiumIt is expensive and has more features than the other two, it offers ultra HD quality screening of your favorite shows and series allows to work over 4 devices at a single time, unlimited tv shows and series and first-month subscription free, you can cancel your paid plan any moment you want.

Netflix Price in USA

Plan Price Number of screens at once Resolution
Basic (streaming) $8 1 SD
Standard (streaming) $11 2 HD
Premium (streaming) $14 4 HD + Ultra HD

DVD and Blu-ray Plans

Plan DVD Price Blu-ray Price
Total discs per month
Number of discs out at once
Starter $5 $6 2 One
Standard $8 $10 Unlimited One
Premier $12 $15 Unlimited Two

How Much does Netflix cost In Australia

Basic A$8.99 Per Month
Standard A$11.99 Per Month
Premium A$14.99 Per Month

Netflix Price In India

Basic Rs. 500 Per Month
Standard Rs. 650 Per Month
Premium Rs. 800 Per Month

Netflix Monthly Cost In UK

Basic €6.99 Per Month
Standard €7.49 Per Month
Premium €8.99 Per Month

Hence Netflix works great but it features depends on the plan you choose, each penny it costs has its worth as it showcases all the trending shows movies and series with amazing quality.

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