Top 13+ Best Online Free Movie Streaming Sites No Signup 2018

Movies are an indispensable part of our everyday culture; however, we still don’t have a time and money to watch free movies online without downloading anything or signing up. The latest technology brought us different possibilities for popular movie streaming sites, but we have to find places which are legal and free at the same time.

Even though it sounds like a mission impossible, there are plenty of sites that could offer us such a deal. For some sites, you have to pay in order to watch something, pay per video or pay a monthly membership, like Netflix, Hulu. For a small amount, you will be able to watch whatever you want on free movie sites without sign up to stream movies online.

Online Free Movie Streaming Sites

If you are a Hollywood fan then you might have been struggling to watch your favourite movies online, and the worst part is when it consumes hours to find out sites with no signup.

Downloading new movies and watch it any of your comfortable devices are not working these days. Downloading requires many hours, and people nowadays are finding online streaming a better way. So basically it prevents you from any hassle. All you need is the good internet connection.

13 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up 2018

All these movie sites have some new release movies for free or all movies with lesser resolution, but if you don’t mind those things, you can watch them without any additional payment. We present you 13 best 100% free movie streaming sites to watch movies online for free.

1. Popcornflix

popcornflix streaming

Popcornflix is also one of the most popular free streaming websites where you can watch free movies online. The best thing about it is that they will always try to add as many movies as they can, and therefore the database will expand in the future.

In the same time, they signed a contract with Screen Media Ventures so you can expect all movies from them on this great website. You can watch a thousand films such as horror, drama, romance, documentaries, foreign movies and much more.

You don’t need to register your account to use it, just find a move through different categories or search engine, press play and enjoy.

2. Yidio

Yidio Streaming

Yidio is an excellent website that contains lots of categories that will help you choose which movie you want to watch. There is one category that will give you the possibility to view everything for free. It is simple to browse through the website because they have significant categories based on genres such as Musical, Animation, Western, Classic and much more.

3. YouTube


YouTube is the great place where you can watch numerous videos uploaded by members and digital productions. It is the most significant video streaming website with billions of users and trillions of videos uploaded.

However, in the recent few years, they started uploading different movies that you can watch for free. They are accessible through category called movies, or you can browse through the genre. The best thing about it is that is free.

4. Crackle

Crackle movies

Crackle is one of the best free movie streaming sites where you can enjoy videos without any additional problem. The reason why this website contains a lot of movies is that of their partnership with Sony Pictures, and they have hundreds of legal and certified movies that you can watch.

There are also essential movies that you won’t find on other websites. The best thing about it is that you can watch high-quality movies that look amazing in HD resolution. Of course, you have to find a way to ignore few commercials that will pop out once in a while but most of them are shorter than minutes, and there will be only a few breaks during a full-length movie.

There are movies such as Fear X, Wild Things, Men in Black, Identity, Saving Silverman and much more that you can watch for free.

Apps for: Android, iOS, Browser

5. SnagFilms


SnagFilms is a great free movie streaming website where you can watch numerous movies online without any additional problem. It contains more than ten thousand films that are categorized by genre, most popular, recently added, most reviewed and other categories.

Even though they change often, there are lots of TV shows and movies that you can watch as well as an independent film that you cannot find in other places.

6. Viewster

viewster free movie streaming

Viewster has widely recognized movie streaming website where you can enjoy everything directly from your mobile device or PC. There are also lots of TV shows available that you can stream for free. There are free movies that you have never heard of and those who are popular, but you still have to pass some ads throughout the streaming.

They update the site every single day, so you can expect to enjoy all the way.

7. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

If you are a fan of documentary movies, this is the best free movie streaming website that you will find. It contains numerous categories that will keep you involved such as Technology, Science, Society, Nature, History, Politics and much more.

You can find the most popular documentaries such as Four Horsemen, Rich Man’s Tricks or Evolution vs. God. More>>

8. Tubi TV

tubi tv online

Tubi TV is a place where you can enjoy thousands of TV shows and movies that you can stream from your mobile device or computer. You just need a stable internet connection, and everything is entirely transparent. You can rent some of them because they are not available for free, but most of them fall into the free category.

There are a dozen genres that you can choose such as drama, documentary, kids, and romance, horror and comedy films. There are also different movies that will provide you perfect watching experience.

9. Movies Found

Movies Found Online

MoviesFoundOnline is an excellent streaming website that uses only public domain movies from all over the internet and organizes all of them in one site so that you can watch without too much hassle.

All movies are listed on one page along year of release, and you can browse through recently added, top rated, or do it manually through a search engine.

10. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

If you are a fan of classic movies and oldies that made prominence in the middle of the previous century, then this is the website for you. It is an excellent place where you can find a fantastic collection of silent films that changed the perspective of movies back in a day.

There are lots of beautiful movies with great starts such as John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rock Hudson and much more.

11. Retrovision

Retrovision Classic Movies

Retrovision is perfect movie website where you can stream everything for free. There are lots of categories that you can choose from crime, comedy, drama, science fiction and much more. The best thing about it is a vast collection of film noir movies.

Besides free movies, you can enjoy in old TV shows such as Dick Van Dyke, Beverly Hillbillies, Burns and Allen, One Step Beyond and much more.

12. MovieZoot


There are lots of free movie streaming websites available all over the web, but this particular one is perfect because at MovieZoot you can browse lots of categories that will give you ideal enjoyment during your streaming time. There are categories such as Sci-Fi, Musicals, Western, Martial Arts and much more.

MovieZoot also contains excellent search engine where you can search moves through director, star or genre.

13. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema

IF you want to enjoy the collection of independent movies and classic collection in categories such as Adventure, Action, Comedy, Animation, Fantasy, and Documentary, then you have to choose FreeMoviesCinema as your main streaming source.

There are lots of movies that you can watch for free, and you can also enjoy the possibility to download them directly on your pc, or mobile device for viewing them offline wherever you are.

#14. HotStar Movies

HotStar Movies

Hotstar is another way to access hundreds of English movies, and it offers both free and premium services. To get the advanced content you can subscribe the paid version and watch any TV series, movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. there are live matches too for several sports like Crickets, Soccer, and others that you can access either on your PC or download the app for Android and iOS and have it on your phone. So this one also deserves being among the best online movie streaming sites and interface remain simple and easily accessible.


We have presented you 13 movie streaming websites where you stream your favorite movies and TV shows without paying a cent.

Most of them work through ad business model, which means that you have to watch some frustrating ads from time to time, but when you have in mind that you will get perfect enjoyment for free, it doesn’t matter at all.

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