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10 Ways To Send Free Fax Online from Your Computer and iPhone

Even though most of you think that faxing is out of fashion and that today many better tools exist in the world, you are partially right. However, there are still online services that are free and that are giving you the possibility to send a free fax with just making your personal account. However, you should know that most of these services are for Canada and the United States, but few of them give you the possibility to fax another country, too. If you are too young, you probably don’t know what fax machine is. 

Even though, the idea of sending fax could look obsolete because we have e-mail and many more features that give us the possibility to send picture or document, we still haven’t heard someone that says: “Do you know anyone who has a fax machine?” However, in some countries in the world sending the document by fax is still a fashion and in Japan, for example, people like better to write on the paper and to send by fax, than to send ordinary e-mail.

Send Free Faxes Online

We still ask ourselves, is there a way to send a fax? There is, of course, but the production of fax machines decreased over years it is probably unavailable to buy in your tech story. You can find it online, but like other old-timers, it could be more expensive than you thought at first.

How to send a free fax online

The other way is to find the site that will allow you to send free faxes to your PC. There are many sites and apps with these services, however, most of them require a premium account and therefore money. There are others that you can find for free and we are here to present you 10 ways to send free faxes online from Your Computer and iPhone.

1. FaxZero

This amazing website is very busy and popular and it sends on a daily basis more than six million faxes for free. You have the possibility to send five faxes in the day with maximum three pages plus a cover. It works with many formats and you can send documents under 20 MB per document. Everything you need is an e-mail address and your faxing hours could begin. View Site

2. PamFax

PamFax is an amazing website that will give you the possibility to send free faxes and this service is integrated with Skype. It very secure site and that is the reason for its outstanding popularity and it also supports many formats such as DOC and PDF files similar to other online fax services. View Site

3. MyFax

This particular website is great because you will have the possibility to fax all over the world. Also, there is a great feature such as 100 free faxes on monthly basis and you can also receive 200 for free. It is compatible with many different formats and you will be able to integrate it with Outlook and Microsoft Office. It contains many account management features such as providing you with a local fax number, auto resend and different ways that will provide you maximum security during your faxing moments. View Site

4. Popfax

PopFax is great because it will provide you a trial version which has the same features as premium one and you can send files from your computer. You don’t have to install anything just keep the documents on the system for 30 days. They have a network that could provide you the possibility to fax all over the world. With this amazing utility, you will certain that your contact lists will stay secure and your mail will merge with this service and its features so you will have the possibility for simultaneous sending. View Site

5. HelloFax

This particular site gives you the possibility to send five free faxes online before you confirm your membership with them. They allow you to send numerous formats such as DOC and PDF. You must have in order to use this site available and your personal SkyDrive or Google Drive account, and both are free to create, so you don’t have to worry about that. The reason for these accounts is because you need them in order to save you sent faxes. View Site

6. Got Free Fax

Got Free Fax is a great website that will provide you with free faxing options. You will be able to send multi-format files such as RTF and ODT and much more. You can send 2 faxes on a daily basis that could have up to three pages. However, the only downfall is that only people from Canada and the United States can enjoy these services. View Site

7. RingCentral Fax [Paid]

You will be able to send 150 free faxes on a monthly basis which makes RingCentral Fax one of the best free faxing sites online. You will be able to manage and control all of your sent and unsent faxes. This particular service allows you also to receive fax through the Internet through service portal or e-mail account that you have. It contains a large number of monthly faxes so you will be satisfied with its persistence and security. View Site

8. Nextiva Fax

If you are someone that has to fax a lot, this particular website will give you the possibility to make 500 free faxes per month, which is ideal if you have a small business and you want to promote your everyday services. You can also customize your services in order to exceed the limit by sending faxes via iPhone for the very low price if you compare it with other websites from this list. View Site

9. TrustFax

This particular site for online faxing is great because you will be able to send faxes simple and quick. You just need a file cabinet in which you will be able to store all your faxes in order to keep them updated on how many faxes have you sent. They will provide you with 24/7 customer service and that will help you a lot if you need any additional assistance. View Site

10. eFax

We have all heard about this player among online fax service because it contains great platform that will allow you to receive and send your faxes through email, iPhone and you can use it from any device and even cell phone. Even though its premium versions are more expensive than other competitors, their services are ideal for medium and small sized business because it will give you lots of additional. View Site

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Faxing is still popular because it is a safe way to share some information and file with someone in a matter of seconds. In these days there are many free faxing sites online that will give you the possibility to fax without strings attached.

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