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45 Games Like Total War Saga : Thrones of Britannia (2018)

Total War Saga : Thrones of Britannia is based on turn based strategy and real time based planning and campaigning. It has a political and military setup set on a critical time period in ancient history. The battle here is to build and set civilizations and gain control and power over the empire. The entire game revolves around the tagline “Kings will rise. One will Rule.” The gameplay includes lots of battles between the three clans who have to form reliable alliances, manage and build the upcoming settlements, train and deploy armies and wage wars to conquer areas across the map.

Games Like Total War Saga : Thrones of Britannia
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  • Genre: Action, Strategy
  • Developer: Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive (Mac)
  • Publisher: SEGA, Feral Interactive (Mac)
  • Release Date: 3 May, 2018

Similar Games Like Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

1. Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders IIIIt is a turn based single or multiplayer real time strategy video game with a fictional setting where the player’s aim is to explore and set up an empire by coordinating and defending against other clans. The gameplay includes role playing, political and military base building and warfare. Players here engage in diplomacy and colonization too to form allies.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux

2. Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2This game is set during the Middle Ages time period and is a grand strategy game. The player here is in control of a dynasty and the aim is to gain prestige and piety points to get the topmost rank among the European dynasties. The game ends only when the player dies without an heir. Gameplay includes strategizing, wars, education system, sociological activities, skills enhancement and inherited traits.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Macintosh OS

3. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn of WarIt is a military science fiction based real time strategy game where gameplay is about capturing and getting hold of the various strategic locations on the battlefield. The different factions have to collect resources to build new units and upgrade them each with their unique abilities are available and the battle can be won by either destroying all enemies or getting hold of specific control points.

Platforms: Windows

4. Command and Conquer: Generals

Command and Conquer- GeneralsIt is a military based real time strategy video game based on a future aspect where the players are given the freedom to choose from three playable factions. The gameplay includes base building, resource collection, upgrading units and combat styles along with weapons and defeating the opponents. Based on the choice of units, the player will have its advantages and disadvantages in the game.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X

5. Age of Mythology

Age of MythologyIt is a real time strategy video game. The game includes base building and defeating enemies but also involve other colloquial chores like harvesting, hunting, farming, and fishing. There are three playable cultures which have to be guided through four different ages. Resources include food, wood, gold and favor and they are used for building and surviving campaigns.

Platforms: Windows, OS X

6. Rome: Total War

Rome- Total WarThis is a war based strategy video game with real time tactics. The player here takes control as the head of the Roman Empire as maintains the warfare and campaigns. Each of the faction has a different set of unique abilities and attributes. The warfare includes infantry, cavalry, archers and artilleries. It also includes family members and agents.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, iOS

7. Rise of Nations

Rise of NationsIt is a real time strategy video game which is entirely based on territory. The players here start with a small territory of their own called settlement and they can construct within that area. The objective here is expansion by building cities, forts, technology tree and extending the border while managing defense, economy and offense.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Android, iOS

8. Stronghold

StrongholdIt is a real time strategy video game based on historic events. The game’s objective here is to strategize and develop economic and military campaigns. The player controls the lord of the kingdom and manages to destroy enemies, complete the quests and stabilize the economy. Fire is a major influencer in the game as it can cause a lot of destruction.

Platforms: Mac OS X, Windows

9. World in Conflict

World in ConflictThis again is a real time strategy and tactics video game based on an economic collapse where the players are provided with certain points beforehand to buy units. The gameplay includes deploying units at various places on the map to carry out missions, destroy enemy bases and targets and gain points which can be again used to buy items.

Platforms: Windows

10. Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault

Company of Heroes 2- Ardennes AssaultIt is a real time strategy video game where the players have to collect resources like munitions and fuel credits from specified flag points on the map, building up structures for civilians, upgrade artilleries and weapons and improve the combat mechanics of the troops. Weather simulation plays an important role.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Steam

11. Halo Wars

Halo WarsIt is a real time strategy video game. This game is primarily about military warfare and can be played as a single player or in a multiplayer mode known as skirmish mode. The player can select from three leaders who control the unit and base camps to expand and establish bases, train the troops and attain new technologies to defeat all the enemy camps.

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows

12. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft II- Wings of LibertyIt is a real time strategy game based on military science fiction which includes three different types of species like the human exiles from the Earth, a technology advanced species with mental powers and a super series of life forms. They compete to complete missions and quests while tackling situations like lava floods and attacks at night to survive.

Platforms: Windows, OS X

13. Supreme Commander

Supreme CommanderThis is a military based real time strategy video game with an Armored Command Unit for base building, achieving a higher range of technology for upgrading the units and also conquering the opponent bases to expand military power. There are altogether 4 tiers each having different weapons, shields, structures, technologies and player abilities.

Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360

14. Homeworld

HomeworldThis is a space and science fiction based real time strategy video game about the survivors who embark on a journey and attempt to reclaim their home planet. The gameplay includes building military bases, collecting resources, destroying enemy bases and targets and finally completing the mission. Each level has a different objective.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Steam

15. Empire Earth

Empire EarthIt is a real time strategy game based on civilization building with certain unique features like the morale system affecting individual unit statistics and hero system. The gameplay includes storylines. Players have to collect their own resources, produce citizens, build structures and defeat the enemy civilizations in the warfare.

Platforms: Windows

16. Sins of a Solar Empire

Sins of a Solar EmpireIt is a science fiction based real time strategy video game where the gaming environment is the galaxy amid celestial bodies. They collect resources that act like currency, build structures and starbases and make use of the celestial bodies and anomalies. Several other features like bounty, diplomacy, tech tree and artifacts are also present.

Platforms: Windows, Steam

17. Civilization VI

Civilization VIThis is a turn based strategy based video game to start building a civilization from the scratch and lead it to pose victory using military and technological power, leadership abilities and cultural influence to emerge as the world power. The players can explore, build, research technologies, set up military depots, trade with others and defend their own civilization.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS

18. Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IVIt is a grand strategy game. The game is based on real events from history where the player has to take charge of a certain province on the map which can contribute to provide resources or cause the revolt in the country. Gameplay here includes economy maintenance, diplomacy, and military setup. Players compete to become a superpower.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux

19. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come- DeliveranceIt is an action turn based strategy video game. This game is based on a Bohemian war where the player can customize his character and play as any one of the roles offered. Gameplay includes collecting resources, building military bases, updating skills and abilities and killing enemies.

Platforms: Windows, PS 4, Xbox One

20. Age of Empires

Age of EmpiresIt is a real time strategy video game. The player here has to start from the scratch by accumulating a small group of hunter-gatherers to develop a civilisation and transform it bit by bit into an empire. The resources that are collected have to be used very tactfully to buy buildings and technology because new resources don’t always be available with the progress of the game.

Platforms: Windows, Macintosh OS, Pocket PC, Windows mobile

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