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45 Games like XCOM : Enemy Within

This is a real time strategy based shooter video game based on science fiction. It was published by 2K Games and released in October, 2012. The game’s storyline is about an alien invasion on earth in the future. The player here is responsible to control an elite paramilitary organization called XCOM to defend the Earth against alien attacks. The combat missions here are turn based.

The team’s mission is to kill the enemies as well as complete other objectives of the mission. In between the missions, emphasis is given on research work and creation of new technologies and weapons using recovered alien technology.

Games like XCOM

Gameplay also includes managing finances, improving the operation bases and also researching on the captured aliens. A lot of creative elements are provided in the game like fog of war and camouflage that are used to distract the enemies and maneuver them. This game can be played on different difficulty levels and also allows multiplayer mode.

Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, PS 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360


1. Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars- BattlefrontThis is a first and third person strategy based shooter video game developed by Pandemic Studios and published by Lucas Arts in September, 2004. The game is situated on the star wars galaxy where battles take place between two armies on different maps. The gameplay here includes capturing command posts with the help of vehicles and completing objectives. The mission here is to kill all the opponents and capture their command points to win the battle.

Platforms: Windows, PS 2, PS Portable, PS 4, Xbox, Xbox One

2. Savage: The battle of Newerth

Savage- The battle of NewerthThis game combines real time strategy and first person shooting. It was developed by S2 Games and released in September, 2003. This game is played on different map areas where each match constitutes two or more teams. Here mainly a human team and a beast team is present having a defined enemy Stronghold and Liar for both races respectively. The objective here is to kill the primary enemy using weapons, melee tactics, bluffs and strategies.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Macintosh OS

3. Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War

Rise and Fall- Civilizations at WarDeveloped by Stainless Steel Studios and Midway Games and released in June, 2006, it is a real time strategy third-person shooter game. Gameplay includes managing a base and training a band of soldiers each of them efficient in different skills and attributes. The goal here is to kill all the opponents using cavalry, infantry, special siege or naval. A wide variety of weapons and attack tactics are available. The resources available are used in building and training.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Macintosh OS

4. Starhawk

StarhawkIt is a third person shooter game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and released in May, 2012. It contains a single player story mode and the basic strategy is Build and Battle. Gameplay includes building structures known as bunkers, maintaining armouries and defences while simultaneously combating in the battle. Hawks are a special flying mechanism available to the player which enables players to transform into landing crafts to let them reach the battlefield.

Platforms: PS 3

5. Command and Conquer: Renegade

Command and Conquer- RenegadeIt is a first and third person shooter video game developed by Westwood Studios and released in February, 2002. The game is based on the Tiberium War where the players have to complete the mission by reaching targets and objectives. Multiple weapons can be wielded each having a certain uniqueness on specific enemies. Gameplay includes locating enemy bases and destroying their structures. Players are equipped with a pistol having infinite ammo.

Platforms: Windows

6. Battlezone

BattlezonePublished by Activision and released in February, 1998, it is a first person shooter real time strategy video game. Players here operate from inside a tank and battle in a sci-fi landscape region. The game contains three modes that are a strategy, deathmatch and sniper. It provides both player vs player combat and team-based battles. Players here have to keep their tanks equipped with power-ups and unique weapons like laser-guided missiles.

Platforms: Windows, Nintendo 64

7. Unvanquished

UnvanquishedThis is an open source team-based first person shooter and strategy video game developed by Game Community. The players here battle against an alien enemy team using a wide range of melee weapons and attacks and conventional ballistic weaponry. The objective here is to kill both the enemies and also destroy the structures where they survive. Players also have to maintain their own bases. Resources can be earned during the game itself.

Platforms: Linux. Mac OS, Windows

8. Tremulous

TremulousThis is a free and open source team based first person shooter real time strategy video game published by Darklegion Development and released in March, 2006. In this game, the humans fight against the aliens. Players can decide to attack the enemy, build structures or maintain bases. A variety of weapons and armours are available to choose from.  Each team should complete certain perquisites to be able to progress to next stage. Humans earn currency on killing enemies.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Amiga OS 4

9. Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2It is a multiplayer first person shooter real time strategy video game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and released in October, 2012. In this game alien and marines battle against each other. Aliens use melee attacks while marines use guns and other technology. Gameplay includes acting as a commander to the team, building places, equipping the teams with weapons and technologies and searching for upgrades.

Platforms: Windows, Linux

10. Savage 2: A tortured soul

Savage 2- A tortured soulThis game has a theme of fiction and science fantasy and combines shooting and real time strategy. It was developed and published by S2 Games in January, 2008. The game is about the battle between two teams containing action players who have the primary objective to destroy the commander centre of the opponent. Gameplay includes building structures, casting spells and control squads. The structures here act as spawn points to lure enemies.

Platforms: Windows, Linux

11. Nuclear Dawn

Nuclear DawnIt is based on a post-apocalyptic world and is a first person real time strategy video game published by Iceberg Interactive and released in September, 2011. Each team here has a director who instructs and controls the team members. Gameplay includes exploring war-torn areas, stealth enemy bases and kills enemies. Each squad here is assigned with an objective to complete. Commanders have to research for new technologies to enhance their teams.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

12. Iron Grip: Warlord

Iron Grip- WarlordDeveloped by ISOTX and released in November, 2008, it is a first person shooter game with real time strategy elements. The game is situated in an urban setting where the player controls a small elite group who fight against vast invading armies. A variety of weapons from pistols to heavy machine guns are used. Players here use an overhead construction interface to employ defence teams in enemy lands.

Platforms: Windows

13. APOX

APOXIt is based on a post-apocalyptic world and is a real time strategy video game designed by Inhuman Games and released in January, 2011. Just like first person shooter games forte, soldiers here can switch between weapons but the ammunition is limited, but it can be shared. Gameplay includes building bases, strategizing, resource management, throwing grenades to destroy enemy camps and also loot corpses. It is both single and multi-player game.

Platforms: Windows

14. Allegiance

Allegiance gameIt is a space simulation multiplayer real time strategy video game published by Microsoft Corporation and released in March, 2000. The players here take control of a spacecraft each having its own team of players and these spaceships engage in battle via shooting and destroying enemy bases. The objective is to expand your own army and secure bases to control mining areas for resources. The game is played from first or third person perspective. The scouts have to gain cash to get control of more spaceships.

Platforms: Windows

15. Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

Raven Squad- Operation Hidden DaggerIt is a real time strategy tactical first person shooter game published by Evolved Games and South Peak Games in August, 2009. This game contains two mercenary squads each consisting of players equipped with unique skills and their aim is to retrieve some corporate data. The game takes place in the Amazon forests. Gameplay includes controlling the squad members and guiding them to stealth enemies. Player’s mission here is to kill enemies to obtain the information and get the maximum number of enemies live till the end.

Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360


These set of games never lets the player get bored as it occupies the players in strategizing the actions and gives the freedom of using the choice of weapons to complete the missions. These games are a must try if you are interested in strategizing, planning and shooting.

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