Sling Media Slingbox 350, 500, Pro (SB200-100) Review

One of the major problems with TV providers is that most of them make it exceptionally difficult to watch programs you pay for from computers and mobile devices. For people who were really fed up with these problems, Sling Media Slingbox came as a big relief. Since its launch in 2005, the company has made it easier to stream live TV and even recorded DVR content.

With Slingbox, you can easily watch content on any device over the internet when you are not at home. Although every product from Sling Media is great, in this Slingbox review, we will talk about three exceptional products from Sling Media.

Slingbox Review – Sling Media Slingbox 350

Sling Media Slingbox 350

Slingbox 350 comes with an MSRP of $178. This has been Sling Media’s entry-level device. The device looks much better than Slingbox Solo, which has now been replaced. The device is small and compact. Therefore, it’s portable and easy to get out of the way.

Just like other Sling devices, you can easily connect any device which uses component-video cable or composite-video cable. Some examples include DVR, satellite or cable box, Blu-Ray player, DVD player and video security system. Slingbox 350 also comes with an Ethernet jack to connect the device to a router.

One major improvement in Slingbox 350 has been supported for full 1080p video. Previous versions of Slingbox only provided support for 720p video. The picture quality of Slingbox 350 is exceptional for both web browser and official SlingPlayer software.

Sling has even updated its software and improved user experience. Now, users can easily get a grid of programming listings on Android Tablets and iPads. These listings overlay on the screen while watching content. Slingbox 350 is also much faster and easier to use. At just $178, Slingbox 350 offers a lot more than its competitors available in the market.

Average Amazon Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Slingbox Review – Sling Media Slingbox 500

Sling Media Slingbox 500

Although Slingbox 350 is an exceptional device, this Slingbox review cannot be complete without discussing Slingbox 500. The retail price of Slingbox 500 is $298. It may not be cheap but comes with a lot of powerful features. Besides composite-video and component-video inputs, Slingbox 500 also provides support for HDMI. Users can easily run HDMI signal from input into the box and back to the TV. Therefore, it won’t take any extra HDMI port. However, for some users, this may be a problem. This is because you will have to connect component cables from the cable box into Slingbox 500, and then run HDMI into your TV.

Besides HDMI support, Slingbox 500 also provides support for WiFi. Since it is an 802.11n connection, it is extremely easy to set up.

Slingbox 500 comes with an easy to use remote. You don’t need any special skills to use it. Just like Slingbox 350, this device also supports full 1080p. The picture quality is also phenomenal.

However, Slingbox 500 comes with a few other exciting features.

First of all, it comes with SlingProjector. With SlingProjector, you can easily transfer your photos and videos to Slingbox 500 from Sling Mobile app for Android and iOS. The device also comes with SlingSync. With SlingSync, you can seamlessly connect an external hard drive to Slingbox 500. This allows you to effortlessly back up your data over the network.

Average Amazon Customer Rating: 4.6 Stars out of 5

Slingbox Review – Sling Media Slingbox Pro (SB200-100)

Sling Media Slingbox Pro (SB200-100)

In this section of Slingbox review, let us tell you about Slingbox Pro. Slingbox Pro offers composite video, component HD, coax and S-video connections. With Slingbox Pro, you can easily watch every one of your favorite home theater entertainment programs wherever you go. In fact, you also have the ability to watch and control one high definition and three standard definition video devices. The high definition video device can be connected via a component connection.

While using a compatible mobile phone (with SlingPlayer Mobile Software) or internet connected computer, you can even watch and control your home DVR, TV, digital cable box, basic cable or satellite receiver anywhere around the globe. You will always be connected with your favorite programs.

With Slingbox Pro, you will never have to miss your favorite sports broadcasts, TV shows, digital video recordings, breaking news stories or video on demand.

Slingbox Pro also comes with free Slingbox Finder Service. With this service, you can easily locate a Slingbox from any location in the world. You can even enjoy signals from DVR, DVD player, digital cable box, satellite receiver, internet connected computer or even a compatible mobile phone.

With Slingbox Pro, one of the video sources can also be an HD component device. SlingStream technology offers the best video quality.

In fact, SlingStream technology incorporated in Slingbox Pro delivers more than 400% video quality improvement over original video output. At $219.99, Slingbox Pro may seem to be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it because of its powerful and unique features.

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