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How to Take Screenshot on Snapchat without being detected 2018

Do you want to know How do I take a screenshot on Snapchat? It is much easier than Mission Impossible. Hence, we decided to present you all relevant ways and steps on how to take Snapchat Screenshot on Android and iPhone without being detected. There are many people from all over the web that are asking the same question and we decided to provide you all answers and possibilities compiled in one article.

What is Snapchat?

Take Snapchat Screenshots

Snapchat is widely recognized and one of the most popular photo-sharing service that gives you the possibility to send short videos and photos to your family and friends. What is most important that everything will disappear in 10 seconds after viewing, which makes it perfect social network with great security measures that protect everyone’s privacy.

That means that users could send funny/ugly and in some cases inappropriate photos without any censorship, however, Snapchat cannot stop other people taking screenshots on their smartphones. So we decided to present you ways that will help you to take screenshots on snapchat efficiently and without any additional problem.

Snapchat screenshot glitch

However, they have planned this eventuality and the system will notify the sender that the other user used the screenshot in order to have the picture, but there are ways to do it unnoticeable, without anyone knowing especially the sender.

The Original Methods are no longer working:

Even though, there was a method that helped you to take a screenshot on Snapchat without notification by using the Airplane mode and quitting the application as soon as you do it in order to become invisible, however, this method is no longer relevant.

You can still put your iPhone, for example, in Airplane mode and take a screenshot, however, when you open the app next time it will immediately notify the sender that screenshot has been taken, and you cannot avoid it.

The second suggestion was to use a third-party application in order to have secured way of screenshots the snaps, however, after autumn 2014, Snapchat started using API and the result is that many Snapchat screenshot apps were killed because of great security interface that will not allow you to do it without notifications. However, there is a different application that you can use on your own agenda, however, in the meantime, they were deleted and you won’t be able to download them directly anymore.

So you are probably asking what should I do, and we have to tell you that there is a way to take a Snapchat screenshot without notification and we are going to present you ways to do it:

Use Another Phone:

Even if it is not the best solution that you can do in order to solve the problem, if you are desperate enough to preserve your own profile for any reason, you can use friend’s tablet or smartphone. The main reason that you have to do is to open the snap and take the screenshot fast. As soon as you finish, you can hit capture and screenshot will be saved afterward, however, the quality will not be that good but it is an efficient way to do it without notification.

You can use Mac and QuickTime

Snapchat ScreenshotThis method will require more preparation than taking the friend’s tablet or phone in order to photograph your display; you will be able to provide high-quality screenshots that will notify the sender. If you are a user of iPhone or Mac, you just have to connect it through Lightning cable and when you do it, just open QuickTime player.

  • When it is opened, you should select File and then go to New Movie Recording that you will find in the menu bar.
  • When the screen loads up, you will be able to hover mouse next to Record button through small arrows.
  • Just click the arrow in order to choose different recording options such as the resolution and quality and in a matter of seconds you will be able to record whatever you want on Snapchat without notifications.

You just have to hit record and open Snapchat and click on the snaps that you want to save and everything will be saved in the targeted folder that will appear in front of you.

You can do it by pressing Shift+CMD+4 if you don’t want to use the cursor and no one from Snapchat, especially the sender will not be aware that you have done it.

However, if you have Android you cannot use this particular feature; however, there are different applications that are available on Android that will achieve a similar result.

Taking Screenshot Using Third-Party Tools

We present you applications for Android that will help you take a Snapchat screenshot without anyone noticing.

1. Apowersoft Screenshot

This particular tool for Android is important if you want to take a screenshot without anyone noticing. You just have to press the Power and control the volume strength. There are buttons that will start in two seconds after tapping if you have Android 5.0 and bigger.

When screenshots are created, you will be able to edit it directly in an image editor. You will be able to annotate it with texts, crop and add different lines. While editing, there are many different options that allow you to save screenshot directly on the phone or directly share other applications on your phone or send it to cloud storage that you can add without anyone noticing.

We present you steps that you have to follow in order to make screenshots on Snapchat secretly:

  • Download it from Play Store and it will immediately install it directly on your phone
  • You just have to open the app and enter Start button and when you turn on the overlay icons and you can enter the interface that is available on Android 5.0 and bigger.
  • You just have to enter Snapchat and capture the screen
  • When you tap the blue overlay icon, screenshot will be taken and directly imported in an image editor that is connected with the application.
  • You can edit the picture and as soon as you do just tap Done and Save and photo will be immediately saved on your phone.

2. SaveMySnaps

This particular Snapchat screenshot saving without notifications is a great tool that will secretly give you the possibility to save the image without the sender knowing that you have saved the image.

Besides that, it will allow you to share stories and photos that you have saved or edit it in photo editor by applying filters and customizing effects.

The main issue is that you cannot directly download it from Google Play, so you have to find it on its website, but before allow the downloading the application from unknown sources.


We have presented you ways how to take Screenshot on Snapchat without being detected and you just have to follow these steps and everything will be relevant without any difficulties. Let us know your pro tips for creepin’ and we’ll be sure to try them out!

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