Veoh Free Movie and TV Shows Streaming Review

Veoh is a widely popular movie streaming site from California that will allow you to find and enjoy in major studio content, user-generated material, and independent productions. It is a subsidiary of Qlipso the Israeli start-up.

The first media attention went after the Michael Eisner joined the board. He was one of the most important people in the company and investor along with Time Turner. During the second round of investing, they acquired $12.5 million in 2007 and finally in third round $25 million.

According to, they attracted 17 million unique visitors in 2008. Since then they fought numerous copyright, and legal battles and that led to bankruptcy. Soon afterward Qlipso acquired it and used it to add revenue and users to this particular sharing service.

Viewing Options:

Veoh Watch Movies Online For Free

Veoh offers two viewing possibilities. It gives you the possibility to watch movies free online and TV shows on the web through iOS and Android Apps. You can also check other free movie apps. At the same time, people can easily choose the opportunity to enjoy in the thorough probability to stream for free without any additional problem.

The main problem when it comes to content is that there are numerous videos made by users and uploaded by them, which makes it perfect and a massive database of everything that you can think of, from dogs, cats to real TV shows.

When we compare it to other streaming websites, we can say that Veoh is more like YouTube than Putlocker or other free streaming websites and services.

That is because sizeable user-submitted database which is not filtered and it will appear in your search results as well as full episodes. That is the reason why people choose different perspective and possibility for their enjoyment.

When you have in mind the unprofessional clips all around you and tons of user content that you are not interested in, the site could look like a combination of amateur moments with some professional clips and material inside that are worth watching.

The other problem that we have to mention is that you will get lots of clips but some TV shows just are not around, or you won’t be able to find the full episode. You may see a clip or the funniest moments, or some other compilation that includes the episode, but there is various content that you will get instead.

But we still have to mention that this is the best streaming website that will allow you to reach and watch CBS and ABC shows which the main reason for its popularity is. However, if you are okay with the hassle of finding the relevant TV show or movie throughout the database filled with numerous clips.

Movies on Veoh

Veoh Watch Free Movies Online

The selection of film is not that big when you compare it to TV shows. There are lots of independent and foreign film that will give you the possibility to enjoy without any additional problem. However, if you are a fan of blockbuster Hollywood movies, you should choose another free streaming website.

It is great that they have some movie content because that way you will be able to follow independent and foreign movie scene or to watch something from your native country. But still, we cannot say that Veoh is movie streaming website when we compare it to other free streaming services such as Tubi TV or Putlocker.

There are lots of classic movies also, so if you are a fan of old movies in black/white, then you should check this particular website.

If you are a fan of original documentaries that you can watch for free, you should also check Veoh because it contains an immersive database of greatest free documentaries that you can listen to learn more about the world around you.

TV shows on Veoh

Veoh Watch TV Shows Free Online

The better solution for Veoh users is to find numerous selection of TV shows, but still, there is a catch, it is not available for people outside the United States.

As we can see from things that we have mentioned above, the main character and investors were Time Warner and Disney, which means that you can enjoy in some ABC and CBS series that will give you the possibility to enjoy all the way.

There are also lots of South Korean, Chinese and Japanese series that you can watch from wherever you are, but mostly they don’t have subtitles which are not convenient for foreign viewers.


Some people state that this particular streaming website doesn’t have a great interface and it is difficult to navigate. Our own opinion is that everything is transparent. Okay, it is not the latest design that we all got used to, but because of its simplicity, you can browse everything that you want in a matter of seconds.

It contains neat categories that will help you create your opinion, and what is most important two unique categories will help you browse movies and TV shows without any additional problem.

Even though there is no alphabetical list for TV shows, but you will be able to browse manually or choose different categories based on genre and idea that you want to watch.

When it comes to search criteria manually, the main problem that could happen is that you will get many contents that are not relevant to your search queries.

For example, as soon as you search some particular show you will not get only full episodes, but numerous related clips and something from user-uploaded videos that will just make you lose time. But still, there are lots of TV shows; you only have to be persistent.

The experience is similar to browsing on YouTube, which we all know because we use this video streaming service almost every single day. Therefore, it is not difficult to find something that you want, but you have to filter every spam you get from videos.

Of course, it doesn’t have an interface like Netflix or Hulu streaming service, but you will still get the possibility to enjoy in free TV shows and movies without any additional problem.

There is one problem that we might consider when it comes to Veoh streaming service, and that is integrated and proprietary player.

When you want to choose some video on Veoh that it streams from Hulu for example, you will be able to watch the video directly in the browser, but for some particular TV shows from ABC for instance, you have to download an individual Veoh media player.

That could be annoying, but as soon as you install the media player, you don’t have to worry about the additional hassle.

How to upload videos on Veoh?

You have to understand that there are two ways to upload videos on Veoh. You can do it by using Veoh Uploader Tool or through the website. The site is the perfect place where you can upload up to 1 GB, but if you want to upload something more prominent, we recommend you to use Uploader Tool.

It is a very reliable way to enjoy uploading your personal and favorite videos and to share it with other people in Veoh community. In case that you have a connection issue, you don’t have to worry, because if uploading is interrupted as soon as you reach stable connection, it will continue from the place you paused. This is convenient because you don’t have to do it from the beginning.

If you want to upload on the Veoh site, it is effortless and quick. You just have to follow these steps so that you can upload a video with perfect and maximum quality so that you can have a thorough presentation on Veoh.

  • First, you have to enter the Veoh. Com and join the website. If you have already done this, register and click on Add a Video which is in the upper right at the top of the navigation bar.
  • You will get the possibility to enter description and title for your video.
  • You should also add tags that will help other people reach your video without too much hassle.
  • You should also a select category which is appropriate for your video so that you can get more targeted viewers.
  • Select Content Rating so that you can indicate that your video is suitable for everyone or to add if it contains violence, inappropriate language, and adult situations.
  • You should also add a filming location, subtitle languages, and language in the video so that developers could sync everything you have wanted.
  • You should also add privacy settings so that you can control user comments and other distribution moments.
  • The final step is to click on Add Video button, and it will start uploading.

How to share protected iTunes M4V to Veoh

It is challenging to share iTunes digital files on Veoh directly because iTunes rented and purchased movies that are encrypted with the latest technology which prevents other non-Apple devices from watching and sharing videos to other people.

On the other hand, Veoh supports only DIVX, MOV and WMV formats that you can upload. When you try to upload M4V, Veoh will not recognize it. So, it is crucial to remove DRM protection and to convert it into a compatible format so that you can upload it.

User Experience

The best thing about Veoh is its immersive and colossal community that you can become a part of in a matter of seconds.

That is because a possibility to share a user-submitted content, but since then it expanded to an option to interact with other users, comment and rate favorite videos and entered the forum channels where you can discuss almost anything.

This is an excellent place for people who enjoy socializing with other people so that they can feel like they are part of something.

You can also create your favorite list and rate them so that you can enjoy only the content that you like and enjoy watching. You can visit the website so that you can determine whether you want to be the part of this extensive community.

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Support Center

The other problem that we had when it comes to getting help on Veoh is that it is a complicated process. The reason for that is because they pull videos from many sources and places. But still, several ways will help you get all information in case that you have technical problems.

The fastest way to do it is through fundamental problems such as entering the FAQ page. You will only be able to find the most common issues and complaints and solution for them. There is also user guide that will help you understand regulations and how the site works so that you can enjoy all the way.

The best thing about it is to enter the user forum and ask something that you want because people who discuss are often communicating so you won’t have to wait too much time for an answer. At the same time, maybe some other users experienced the same problem, and they asked about the solution, so you can browse through discussions to find the one that you want.

If none of these methods won’t work for you, just send the personalized email to support group, and you will be able to get the solution promptly.


  • You will get variety of shows
  • Great content from foreign countries
  • Perfect place to watch old and classic movies


  • Huge amount of user-generated content


Veoh is one of the best streaming websites that will give you the possibility to enjoy in full selection of videos because it contains its content and it streams from other websites and TV sites such as Hulu. This is not a bad strategy when you have in mind that it expanded the Veoh’s library.

On the other hand, we have mentioned that you will be able to enjoy in shows from CBS and ABC networks, which is unavailable on other video streaming websites. In case that you are a fan of these shows, you should spend your time browsing on Veoh so that you can find your favorite show.

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